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Romney offers the best hope for the country [UPDATED]

Published 9:28am Friday, October 12, 2012 Updated 11:29am Friday, October 12, 2012

I don’t have the numbers but many of us follow our parents for our religious and political beliefs. It is only natural that our president is popular with his own race. Understandable. As a Minnesotan, I think that the majority of our politicians were Swedish or Norwegian.

Instead of going that route, we should be thinking about the reason large companies offer millions to find a turnaround leader to straighten thing out.

President Obama is a good man but when it comes to business and jobs, Mitt Romney offers the best hope to turn things around.


Don Partridge

Fergus Falls

  • Phaedrus

    Why does he offer the “best hope”? He’s pushing the GOP agenda of more cuts and all the evidence suggests that supply-side economics is wrong (that what the theory predicts isn’t even remotely connected to how it actually works out – it’s a perfect example of “sounding good in theory,” but it’s completely divorced from reality.

    “What the monetary fund [report] shows is that the countries pursing the biggest spending cuts are also the countries that have experienced the deepest economic slumps. Indeed, the evidence suggests that in brushing aside the standard view that spending cuts hurt the economy in the short run, the G.O.P. got it exactly wrong. Recent spending cuts appear to have done even more harm than most analysts — including those at the I.M.F. itself — expected.”

  • Walt Henry

    Thanks to the Journal for publishing this letter!!! I’ve had a rough day and needed a good blast of humor. Is the letter writer serious? Is he suggesting Minnesotans are racists and this is a good thing? (BTW–did you know Fergus Falls was once a pioneer in race relations. We had some of the first black families in Minnesota living among us.) Beyond that, Norway and Sweden are two of the most socialist countries in the world, with Germany not far behind. Wasn’t Washington Ave. once called Bismark Ave. in honor of the Kaiser? Is the letter writer suggesting Romney is a socialist? hahahahahahaha

  • BrendanJanssen

    What did I just read? So, we should vote for Romney because large corporations are shelling out large amounts of money to put him in office? In what world does this matter when it comes to my voting preferences? Companies donate towards certain candidates because it will benefit the company, not myself, if that candidate wins. Therefore, why do I care what companies donate to who?

    This letter has about as much substance and content in it as my stomach right now. Time to go eat supper.

  • Richard Olson

    I waited for others to comment because I wasn’t sure I was reading the first paragraph correctly. I now see that I was reading it correctly….the first paragraph is nothing more than an appeal to racism. It’s OK for black people to vote for Obama, but as white folks in Minnesota we should vote for Romney. Because obviously President Obama isn’t Swedish or Norwegian.

    I don’t need racist advise on how to vote and my vote will most certainly not be guided by some multi-national corporation who owes it allegiance to the almighty dollar and it’s very last consideration is the common weal of these United States. It’s that corporate thinking that got us in the situation President Obama (with no help from corporate republicans) is trying to extract us from now.

    • holly

      So in your world, Chip, racism is bad, but religious bigotry is OK? (you revel in your continuous stream of bigotry aimed at anything religious). Looks like hypocrisy to me.

      • Walt Henry

        Holly, by definition one who promotes no religion can not be guilty of religious bigotry. One who promotes Christianity and condenms Islam or vice versa could. I believe Richard has done neither. Have others? Are others guilty of religous bigotry as those same people seem to be promoting racism?

        • holly

          Really Larry? RichardMunk is a self-proclaimed atheist, and his remarks here and on his blog show his “extreme hatred of one group resulting from severe prejudicial attitudes”, which is the definition of bigotry. That “group” is anyone who believes in a higher power. Anyone who spreads hate like he does, and then condemns others for racism, is a hypocrite.

          • Walt Henry

            Holly–my inital problem was with qualifying the word bigot with religious. That useage should be reserved for bigots within the religious community. If we let it cross those boundries, the word loses its effectiveness to deal with self-righteous hatreds in the name of our God. As to your justification, I hate lies! When I confront a lie or someone who tells lies, whether they make them up themselves or just pass on what they have heard from others, am I acting as a bigot? Does anyone know what is truly in my heart which is also an intregral part of identifying a bigot?
            And lastly, you exaggerate–I feel no hatred of me from Richard and yet I practice 1st generation Christianity, or at least so far as my mortgage holder and my wife will let me. :)

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