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Voting gives power to the people, not the government [UPDATED]

Published 9:17am Friday, October 19, 2012 Updated 11:18am Friday, October 19, 2012

Are you considering not voting because you dislike the presidential candidates of both major parties and because none of the third party presidential candidates has a strong following in the polls?

A major reason to still vote, even so you believe the presidential election is a disaster, is so as not to let the U.S. Congressional, State Legislature, Judicial and Local races, and the State Constitutional Amendment ballots become disasters also.

That would only help empower the federal government to further federalize state and local government functions, under the disguise of saving money in this time of tight budgets and for better security, into a centralized socialist police state like there was in Nazi Germany and is under communism.

The Minnesota State Constitution states it was written to secure the, blessings of God.

One way to help secure those blessings of God is to elect candidates that want to secure those blessings from God.

To make informed voter choices, check out the candidate’s websites to see where they stand on issues. Even some of the state judicial candidates have websites so a voter can make an informed choice. (Most poor judges stay in office because most voters either skip the judicial ballot section or vote for the incumbent-who usually was first appointed.) Third party candidates also have websites.

Are you unable or not certain you will be able to vote on election day? Go to your courthouse and vote there before election day; or obtain an absentee ballot, fill it out properly and mail it before the mailing deadline.


Robert Peterson


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