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Re-think Voter ID Amendment [UPDATED]

Published 9:50am Monday, October 22, 2012 Updated 11:51am Monday, October 22, 2012

I wish to relate a small story. My wife and I had paid into a small 401-K plan for years. When we went to get our lousy $54 a month payment, we first had to acquire duplicate birth certificates, our marriage certificate, and all copies were notarized.

Back and forth communication along with paperwork. $38.45 cost in fee’s plus a 67-day wait until everything was completed to their satisfaction. My aunt who lived in South Dakota was born on a farm in February during a snow storm. In April of that year a small article was put into the local parish paper on her birth, no formal birth certificate. Upon retirement, it took her more than nine months to get her Social Security benefits.

Is this what we want our seniors, our veterans, the disabled, the blind, handicapped, nursing home patients, group home individuals to go through? Do you believe nursing/group homes have the resources, time, or finances available to help people in acquiring photo IDs with up front, money? Where does fixed income individuals get up front fee’s for a photo ID? You also know how “quickly” the Government will get checks back to people.

This amendment allows for no flexibility for older citizens or disabled and would result in one of the strictest requirement in the nation.

They estimate the total cost of this program will exceed 80 million dollars to implement on a State wide basis. The cost of this program to implement will fall on local cities, townships, and ultimately on the local home owner with increased property taxes. All of this is brought about by 8 fraudulent votes cast of the over 2 million voters in the last State election? This really makes for stupid sense. Same day registration will be gone and think about the hardship, time, money, and effort this

Amendment will create if it passes and how many will be denied there Constitutional Rights to vote if passed.


Max Wilhelmy

Fergus Falls

  • nanajean

    You may be an exception to the rule. All of the welfare recipients and elderly need to have an id to cash their checks, to write a check,and all other transactions that they may be involved in. I think you are off base here

  • Richard Olson

    Jean Roan, I’ve asked you this before, but you never have an answer.

    How do you know that the ID possessed by Welfare recipients and the elderly is the same ID that the state will require to vote.

    The State of Minnesota had not even made that determination yet, but you seem to know before anyone else including the Governor and/or the legislature. The state has not said that the required ID will be a valid Minnesota drivers license.

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