8 charged in murder conspiracy

Published 10:53am Thursday, October 25, 2012

An alleged plot that involved robbing and burning a home and murdering the occupants has led to eight arrests, with charges as high as second-degree conspiracy to commit murder with intent.

A group of five adults and three juveniles allegedly took two vehicles to a Pelican Rapids home Oct. 4 with bear mace, a crow bar, a lead pipe, a knife, a baseball bat, a machete and gasoline. Their alleged motive was to retrieve stolen marijuana and other drug related paraphernalia.

According to reports, their plan was for Branagen Theisen and a juvenile to go to the front door, enter and attempt to purchase marijuana. Once allowed in, the juvenile would start spraying bear mace, and the rest of the group would come in from strategic locations with the intent to murder occupants in the home. Following the murders, they planned to use the gasoline to set fire to the house and destroy the evidence.

When the vehicles arrived at the home in Pelican Rapids Oct. 4, all but the vehicle drivers exited and took their positions. Thiesen and one of the juveniles knocked on the door and were allowed access. When occupants of the house noticed Thiesen had a knife, a fight broke out.

According to court reports, one of the house’s occupants, Fikret Saric, proceeded to walk into the front yard and fire two gunshots, one of which struck the passenger side front door of one of the escape vehicles.

The investigation is continuing, and no further details are being released at this time.

The following is a list of charges faced by the eight involved in the plot.

• Kimberly Dawn Ryan, 36, of Fergus Falls has been charged with second degree conspiracy to commit murder with intent and first degree conspiracy to commit assault.

• Zack Otis Stewart, 18, of Erhard has been charged with second-degree conspiracy to commit murder with intent and first-degree conspiracy to commit assault.

• Kevin Bradley Forer, 18, of Fergus Falls has been charged with second-degree conspiracy to commit murder with intent.

• Branagen Jordan Theisen, 22, of Fergus Falls has been charged with second-degree conspiracy to commit murder with intent.

• Brandtly Patrick Hutson, 19, of Fergus Falls has yet to appear in court.

• The three male juveniles ages 17, 17 and 16 were involved. The 17-year-olds may be tried as adults.

  • P. Carlson

    And there are people crazy enough to want marijuana legalized? Look what buying, selling,and stealing drugs has led to this time? Even the 16 year old needs to be tried as an adult. This was premeditated when they gathered that many weapons and fuel. The guy from the house needs a long sentence too. Lock them all up and throw away the keys. What happens the next time these hoodlums don’t like how something in life goes down. Who will they try to murder and torch other houses? I don’t feel safe if any of them including the 16 and 17 year olds are free on the streets after this.

    • Frizzel

      Well if marijuana was legal this wouldn’t happen. Capone carried out attacks to protect his territory during prohibition and after it was legalized it was pretty much over. While I don’t condone pot smoking, I think its a waste of tax dollars to try and control a plant. I say legalize it and tax it. As for these animals, put them away.

  • worker97

    From what I have heard is that the 16 year old went there under the impression they were going to buy marijuana. I think that the adults involved in this matter used these kids to carry out this hennas act.I think as the truth comes out it will show that these so called adults used these kids. I feel that some of the young kids involved falls under wrong place, wrong time, wrong group of people.

  • P. Carlson

    Sophie Allen, there is not a 16 year old that would think spraying bear mace is a normal part of buying anything legal or illegal. Making excuses is not doing anyone any favors. There were 7 hoodlums and 7 weapons. ” bear mace, a crow bar, a lead pipe, a knife, a baseball bat, a machete and gasoline ” would not be considered things needed to just ” buy marijuana ” as you stated. The 16 and 17 year olds need the book thrown at them too or they will get themselves and probably others killed at a young age.

    • worker97

      Well, as stated, I do not think this 16 year old knew what was going on, as for the bear mace you have stated, they don’t even sell it in Fergus, and more over it is federal law that you must be at least 18 years of age to buy mace and pepper spray. So that tells me that the adults involved bought this item. Know one even knows if these so called weapons have even been found, so for as far as anyone knows this is all hear say in this matter, I just think that people are so very quick to jump the gun on things and believe everything that is written or said to them. I am just saying people should know their facts before jumping the gun so to speak. I mean really what kind of adults take and involve kids into such an event as this. All you seem to talk about is the kids you must be forgetting that there where like 5 adults that were involved in this too!

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