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Amendment on marriage unnecessary

Published 6:27am Thursday, October 18, 2012 Updated 8:28am Thursday, October 18, 2012

The proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman is at best unnecessary and at worst discriminatory, and we hope Minnesotans vote against it.

Those in favor of the amendment have made arguments that families with a husband and wife are better for children, and the legalization of gay marriage would infringe upon the religious beliefs of others, and most of all, the Bible says it is a sin.

However, considering the U.S. Constitution requires the separation of church and state, that many gay couples are already parents, it’s hard to see where those arguments hold water. And as for the Bible, there are many acts that are considered sins — divorce and adultery among them — that are also legal.

The fact is, gay marriage already is illegal in Minnesota. Considering that, on average, younger residents are more likely to support the legalization of gay marriage than older ones, it is likely only a matter of time before the majority opinion on gay marriage will change.

If and when that happens, a constitutional amendment will only make changing the laws on gay marriage more difficult.

The constitution was written in part to protect the rights and liberties of its citizens. An amendment that clearly discriminates against a certain group of indviduals does the opposite.

  • Walt Henry

    Our laws and tax code give a number of advantages to people who are married. These are advantages granted on the basis of a legal and committed partnership; they must be on that basis for government can not be used to support a specific religion or any religion for that matter.
    If the marriage amendment passes is it possible current laws and our tax code could be found to be unconstitutional and “married” people could see their taxes go up?

  • Walt Henry

    I paid lower state income taxes because my wife and I could file jointly. When I bought property my closing costs were lower because we could legally buy property together without jumping through additional legal hoops. These two benefits were the result of the fact my wife and I had entered into a legal committed partnership. If others are denied those benefits by passage of the marraige amendment could my benefits be found to be unconstititional as they seem to be granted solely on the basis of our gender? (God’s laws are not recognized by the Constitution) Simply put–pass the amendment, legal challenges to current laws favoring married partners follow, courts rule those advantages to be unconstitutional and married people’s taxes go up?

  • BillSchulz

    Why am I not surprised that the publisher of this newspaper repeats the agenda of the Democratic party to destroy our society by attacking its most fundamental, basic unit, a family consisting of a mother and father and children? What the DFL commands, the Daily Journal slavishly promotes.

    • Walt Henry

      Bill–grab an elastic bandage and wrap your head. I wouldn’t want it to explode. I know of two gay men who were commmitted to each other for 13 years, owned property together, invested together, lived together in a committed partnership and were not physically intimate, with each other or with anyone else during those years. Theirs was a realtionship of love and mutual sharing. (If physical intimacy is a requirement of marriage then the elderly are no longer to be considered married?)
      I know two other committed partners, also gay men who have adopted two brothers with special needs, kids who came into this world addicted to drugs and who no one else wanted. So much for destroying the fabric of American life.

  • Matthew

    When in doubt, vote no. The legislature should not legislate through constitutional amendment, especially when it comes to power relationships of many over few.

  • Marlin Genz

    Marlin Genz

    I would like for some one to tell me?If a girl is born in man’s body and boy is born in a woman’s body then why do they want same sex partners? Is one sick and the other gay? Those that support same sex,do they support the people ? Or do they support the act of same sex? If so then you can put yourself in that 3% of the people (that is sick or gay). I know two women that lived together and the little boy called them Mommy 1 and Mommy 2 ,that went on for two years and then one left taking the boy and going back to her husband. You tell us that a same sex couple can care for a child as well

    ( that may be but I would not condone it) as some one that is Married ?Let me tell you ( if you don’t already know it ) that it takes a Man and a Woman to bear a child and all the kinky filthy off the wall sick sex will not . Ask any one that has served in the armed forces or Law inforcement, it was our job and we knew it that we would lay down our lives for all people,But not to sell our souls for you.

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