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Choose candidate for life [UPDATED]

Published 9:52am Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Updated 11:54am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Nov. 6 American voters can chose between candidates who want to murder babies and others who want to safeguard unborn human life which will mature into workers and taxpayers.


The Rev. Joseph Kieselback


  • benny

    Let me be the bearer of reality here. Abortion is legal and is likely to stay that way.

    Since Roe vs. Wade was decided, we’ve had 4 republican presidents. None lifted a finger to overturn it. All said they would

    The US Supreme court, just the other day, rejected anti-abortion personhood arguments from Oklahama because it “went against already decided laws.”

    All a republican has to do is say they’re pro-life and they earn the vote from people like you. They don’t have to do anything else, in fact, they don’t really have to do anything pro-life, they just say it. You’re all willing to overlook everything else the party does to squish civil rights in favor of some fundamental moral war that will never, ever materialize for you. Silly.

  • Richard Olson

    I think this religious employee, is right when he says he wants “ to safeguard unborn human life”.
    It’s once they have left the birth canal that they are on their own. Once babies are outside 
    they could starve to death within sight of some churches and the only relief they would receive is a children’s bible or some pious religious tract warning them to keep on the straight and narrow or they will burn in hell forever and ever.

    Good schools, vaccinations, healthcare, healthy meals…forget about it. That stuff stopped the moment they were out in the cool air of a for profit hospital.

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