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Klobuchar didn’t create jobs at dealership [UPDATED]

Published 9:50am Monday, October 22, 2012 Updated 11:54am Monday, October 22, 2012

Sen. Klobuchar launched a television ad alleging that she saved an auto dealership franchise from closure.

Does Klobuchar forget that it was her party leader that fingered the dealerships for closure? I don’t recall Klobuchar stating that her party’s leadership taking control of the bankruptcy and restructuring of a privately held company is problematic. After watching this advertisement, it is apparent that she saw this as an opportunity.

Apparently, feudal Lady Klobuchar believes it to be a good thing that she is “connected,” thus able to appeal to the emperor for benefits to her serfs.

I am sure Klobuchar would like to take credit for the employment opportunities created at a dealership in her district, but, sorry Klobuchar, you didn’t build that.


Mike Van Horn



  • Richard Olson

    It would be nice and different if you republicans would do a little listening before shooting your mouth off.

    Senator Amy Klobuchar did not say (anywhere) that she “created” any employment opportunities at any of the 17 auto dealerships she saved.
    Her campaign commercial says she “SAVED” jobs, not created, but saved. There is a difference. Now if Senator Klobuchar hadn’t saved those jobs Mike Van Horn and other conservatives would be on these pages whining and crying that Amy Klobuchar didn’t raise a finger to help people in Minnesota.

    Why is it that conservatives seem incapable of writing a letter to the editor or commenting on one without using words like “feudal Lady” and the “emperor”. Do you think that acting all melodramatic and exaggerating will make your tale more believable?

    The only arrows in a conservatives quiver are name calling and melodramatic exaggeration. (wait and see)

  • BWD

    “before shooting your mouth off.”
    “The only arrows in a conservatives quiver are name calling and melodramatic exaggeration.”
    “other conservatives would be on these pages whining and crying”

    Some name calling you do here, Richard.

    Well – the facts are in – and Klobuchar saved nothing, and created nothing. Just voted to increase our National Debt to 16 Trillion and soon to be 17 Trillion.

    How ‘melodramatic’ is that for you…..

    • Walt Henry

      Yes Dave, the facts are in. In the mind of the Republican you hear on her tv commercials, Amy Klobuchar played a role in saving the dealership and the jobs that included. He was there. You and I were not. The closer one is to the actual event the more reliable the imformation tends to be unless of course the person closest has some other agenda. But in this case what other agenda could a Republican have for supporting Klobuchar?

    • Richard Olson

      Well Dave, I bet those technicians and mechanics working at those 17 dealerships think she saved their jobs and so apparently does their republican owner, who says he is going to vote for President Obama.

      As to your question, it’s very melodramatic, especially since I called no one any names.

      • krank

        right adam the democrats did vote for the 1 trillion dollar tax hike…I say just add it onto the bill shrub left us….He alone spend 16.5 trillion in 8 years…plus the two trilion Obama had to pay after shrub STUCK HIM WITH THE CHECK ON THE WAY OUT THE DOOR…Statistics show for nearly a century now that its actually Republicans who do all the spending into a huge deficit and the Dems have to bail us out…You republicans hate to look at charts though….Its actually the NO tax and SPEND A HUGE AMOUNT REPUBLICANS….and the pay your fare share so we can CLEAN UP REPUBLICANS MESSES…..DEMOCRATS…Now I’ll leave at let you whiners …..cry waaaaa…..thats not true…but it is….just look at a chart fool….

    • Walt Henry

      At the risk of piling on poor Mr. Adams, a quick check of campaign donations shows Paul Walser (the guy in the pro Klobuchar commercial)and affiliated entities contributed $23,300 to Republican candidates in the 2008 election. Facts, math and accurate understanding of history matter.
      I’m guessing this will be the last election endlessly repeating lies and untruth will be effective. But that is an opinion not a fact, math nor does it come from an understanding of history–just guessing Americans are sick of it.

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