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Published 10:11am Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Updated 12:11pm Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Polls report that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are neck and neck in the race to the White House. And that those who are still undecided may determine who our next president will be. If you are informed about the philosophies of the Republicans and Democrats today, it should not be hard to decide which candidate would best govern our country.

ln the past, the Republicans were the party of “Self-reliance, Pull Yourself up by Your Bootstraps, Start Your Own Business, Work Hard and You Will Succeed.” Now they are the party of billionaires Grover Norquist. the Koch Brothers and other incredibly wealthy Republican business tycoons who give billions to ensure that Republicans will influence the government to their advantage.

Do Americans want to return to the Dark Ages when Feudalism ruled the world? Feudal Lords owned all the land while serfs struggled to stay alive. We are now heading in the same direction with the top one percent owning the majority of the wealth of the nation, while many middle and working class citizens, as well as thousands of unemployed barely survive.

Do we really want to return to the Gilded Age of the 1800s and 90s, when millions of people, including children, worked twelve or more hours a day six or seven days a week just to stay alive while those who owned the mines, mills and factories where they worked lived like kings?

David Stockman, Budget Director for Ronald Reagan. wrote an article in the current Newsweek (October 22, 2012) revealing how Mitt Romney made millions buying viable businesses, borrowing against their assets forcing them into bankruptcy. Then selling the remnants, tiring the employees and reaping enormous profits. By so doing he eliminated thousands of jobs, netting hundreds of millions for himself and others at Bain Capital.

If Romney were to win it would be a backward step for our Country. Under Barack Obama.

America is making steady progress toward fiscal soundness. But because of the enormous debt that George W. Bush built up by invading Iraq and lowering taxes at the same time, when he should have raised taxes to pay for the war in Iraq, it will take patience and sacrifice to win back a thriving economy.

Do not let Romney and his super wealthy cronies destroy your way of life. He is not a job-creator as he claims, but a destroyer of American assets and values. He does not represent The American way of life, symbolized by the tide that raises all boats.

The strategies that made millions for Romney and Bain Capital pulled the rug right out from under millions of American workers and the companies they work for. Milt Romney should NOT be President of the United States. Vote for Barack Obama on sixth and help return America to a sound economy in which all can thrive.


Liz Sweder

Fergus Falls


  • Richard Olson

    Excellent advise.

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