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Local Bible camp known near and far

Published 10:03am Monday, October 1, 2012 Updated 1:50pm Monday, October 1, 2012

Cleveland, Ohio, is a long ways from Inspiration Point Bible Camp near Clitherall. While having breakfast west of Cleveland, on Sept. 21, a woman at a nearby table noticed my son’s apparel and the letters spelling Fergus Falls.

The woman asked, “Do you have any connection to Hillcrest Academy and Church of the Lutheran Brethren (CLB)?”

I of course said yes, and that we often take walks around the academy building which is near our home. Inquiring further, I found that Shelly Hinkley, a resident of Indiana, works for Church Doctor Ministries and has spent time at Inspiration Point Bible Camp.

In more than 30 years of ministry, Hinkley, her mother Olive, and other staff members have worked with a diverse selection of churches, denominations, ministry groups and church networks.

“We appreciated working with Joel Egge (CLB president) and many others during our stays at Inspiration Point,” said Hinkley.

Hinkley said she enjoyed her overnights at Inspiration Point Bible Camp, affiliated with the Fergus Falls-based Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America.

The camp hosts many different camps for children, youth and adults and is also open for retreats, weekend groups and family reunions. Inspiration Point Bible Camp is owned by Lutheran Brethren Bible Camp, Inc.

“We have used Instiration Point for many events, from family reunions to conferences and planning retreats. It was a great place for us to meet with the Church Doctor team, of which Shelly Hinkley was a member,” said Egge. “She was a very efficient member of the consultant team, and it’s great to hear how she appreciated I Point’s staff and facility.”

In July 1963, Inspiration Point was dedicated as a summer camp for the CLB churches.

Since its founding, thousands of lives have been impacted through this ministry.


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While looking back on the life of Oats LeGrand, one thing that quickly came to mind were the Beck Twins, Dick and Chuck, running the snack area in the bath house (changing area) at Pebble Lake beach for LeGrand in the summer of 1962.

“Chuck and I spent long hours in that little space guarding the money box and selling treats,” said Dick who, like his twin brother Chuck, became a physician. “Cleaning the bath house also was in our job description.”

Fifty years ago, at Pebble Lake, the Beck twins sold pop for 10 cents, candy bars for 10 cents and a basket for clothes (used in the changing room) for a 25-cent rental.

In 1962, LeGrand served as city recreation director during the summer months.

During the school year he served as Otter varsity track coach, and two of his star performers were the Beck twins, who graduated from Fergus Falls High School in 1963.

“One spring season we (Otter track team) competed in an indoor meet at Grand Forks,” said Beck. “Oats drove his light aqua Ford station wagon with our aluminum vaulting pole strapped to the door handles. Oats would light up a cigar while we drove and the distance to Grand Forks equaled the life of one cigar.”

Recollections by the Beck twins and many others have come to mind since the passing of LeGrand on Aug. 28. Those fond memories will be shared for many years to come.

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