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Take another look at Voter ID

Published 1:50pm Monday, October 8, 2012 Updated 3:51pm Monday, October 8, 2012

Minnesota would create an extreme voting restriction for seniors, lock in outdated technology and cause higher local taxes for everyone if the Voter ID Amendment passes.

There’s been a good amount of new information on problems with the proposed Voter ID amendment and some misconceptions that need clearing up.

While supporters will say that more than a dozen others states have Voter ID laws, they fail to mention that only one other state — Mississippi — has made it a constitutional amendment. And that amendment offers flexibility absent in the Minnesota Amendment.

Voter ID laws have been turned back by courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri and Texas.

Many Minnesota voters are seeing flaws in the amendment as polls have decidedly been moving in favor of rejection. The latest Minnesota Poll by the Star Tribune shows barely a majority of those polled — 52 percent — still support the amendment. A little more than a year ago, support was about 80 percent.

— Mankato Free Press

  • Walt Henry

    Today, October 16, 2012, the Board of the Minnesota Council of Churches announced its opposition to the photo ID amendment.

    • BillSchulz

      Is that the so called Christian churches who are also against the marriage amendment? I smell a whiff of acorns and burning leafy vegetable like substances in the air.

      And, today, there were over 700,000 post on tweeter that if Mitt Romney is elected african americans will assassinate him and murder every whitey they see. Caught that at Huffington, Slate, msnbc blogs. I read some of the tweets, and they are filled with anger, threats, racist hatred by african americans against white people. Do either of you have any criticism of all that?

      • Walt Henry

        “Churches against the marriage amendement?” he says in utter amazement.”You mean committed partnerhips between two people of the same sex isn’t banned anywhere in the Bible?”
        (You are quoting radical right wing tweeter posters and denying the reasoned judgment of church leaders?)
        I DO have a sense of humor. Thanks for the smile maker. :)

  • Richard Olson

    And today the United States Supreme Court denied Ohio’s request to tinker with voting rights by restricting early voting.

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