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We are a Christian nation [UPDATED]

Published 9:59am Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Updated 12:10pm Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Election Day is coming this November and one of the most important decisions is being put to We The People. And that is the Marriage amendments. So far this Question has Divided families, Divided our Churches, turned neighbor against neighbor.

With about 3 percent of the people in America call themselves members of the gay community but yet this one vote will affect 100 percent of We The People Of America, I have one question to ask all before you place your vote, Do you support the people of the gay community ?

Do you support the Act that they commit? Then do you support the act of sodomy?

By showing your support for the people (as I do ) but not for showing support for their actions. We can call ourselves a Christian Nation.

Being a Christian Nation does not mean we are a Lutheran or Baptist or Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness or The Church of the Latter day Saint’s or any other number of Churches in our Great Nation. The term Christian Nation comes from The Constitution of the United States of America of who we are.

Where we got the Laws that We The People live, obey and live by, they for the most part came from Ten Commandments. If you have doubt then read our Constitution and while your at it read The Declaration Of Independence compare the three.

No other Nation on earth has survived more than 235 years under one Government, and why is that? I will say because we are a Christian Nation. Only one person has said we are not a Christian Nation. I say he is wrong.


Marlin Genz




  • benny

    Oh good grief Marlin, sit down before you hurt yourself.

    Let me tell you what act I don’t support, I don’t support the actions of narrow-minded, busy-bodied bigots.

    Here’s basically what you’re saying, “I think gays are gross and for that reason, they need to be trampled. By the way, let me go ahead and incorrectly attribute support from 97% of the population.”

    Marlin, do you think your own acts of intimacy are some sort of beautiful spectacle or something? Grow up and get beyond the schoolard-level hehe’s and haha’s at peepee’s and boobies.

    Jesus never said anything about homosexuals and he certainly never said anything about an army of jerks waging a completely unprovoked holy war on them.

    Stop it.

  • Walt Henry

    Sad. Factually, historically and theologically inaccurate. Really sad.

  • Richard Olson

    Why, oh why is it that we have to keep reinventing the wheel for the convenience of some Ill-read conservative who thinks reading is elitist, and apparently very proud that they have never heard of the “Treaty of Tripoli”. Maybe it’s one of those liberal plots like “Global Climate Change” or “Fluoridated Water”, besides, isn’t Tripoli in a foreign county? Don’t they have those icky Socialist there, and a bunch of Arabs running around in gay robes?

    “Only one person says we are not a Christian Nation”? I don’t think so Marlin Genz. Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself. Go to the library, crack a book, ask a third grader, but do something to get hold of a copy of the “Treaty of Tripoli” and you will see that President John Adams and the United States Senate on June 7th, 1779 say we are NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION and that’s much more than one person.

    Stop trying to shove your religion down my throat.

    • Walt Henry

      It’s hopeless. Some can’t understand the 10 C’s were given to the Jews making them non-Christian directives. However, Jesus, the Christ, (that is where the name Christian comes from) then expanded the meaning of the 10 C’s, and that extended meaning is nowhere to be found in our Constitution and almost exactly the opposite of the practice of the current religious right (GOP).

  • OleOle

    It’s a good thing the law of the land is the constitution instead of the Bible then, because otherwise a rape victim would have to marry her attacker if he paid her family 50 shekels, women could be sold into slavery and stoned to death for having sex before marriage, men would be killed for cutting their beards, and everyone would face the death penalty for…eating shellfish!

    If you want Theocracy, move to Iran. I’ll take the freedom that America has to offer instead.

    • camobabe

      I betcha that most people around here understand that it was Barack Hussein 0bama, in speeches in Cairo, Egypt and Damascus, Syria, proclaimed that America is not a Christian nation.

      Don’t you libs just wish!

      And I betcha that more people in greater (actually, BETTER) Minnesota will mark their ballots the waythat
      Marin Genz does than any of you raddies. Live with it!!

      • Walt Henry

        I feel like Dr. Frankenstein leaning over the body of his not yet functioning monster, pounding on its chest and screaming, not live! live! but LEARN! LEARN!!!
        In a statement issued Tuesday, the National Assn. of Evangelicals said that when it surveyed selected evangelical leaders about whether the United States was a Christian nation, 68% said no.

        “Much of the world refers to America as a Christian nation, but most of our Christian leaders don’t think so,” said Leith Anderson, the association’s president. “The Bible only uses the word ‘Christian’ to describe people and not countries. Even those who say America is a Christian nation admit that there are lots of non-Christians and even anti-Christian beliefs and behaviors.”

        The association said that some respondents to its June survey said, in essence, that “perhaps the United States was a Christian nation, but it is no longer.” Others rejected the idea of that a nation can be “Christian” altogether.

        LEARN!!! LEARN!!!

      • benny

        Camilla, I don’t think the intelligent voters in Minnesota really appreciate your categorizing them as a group of people who make poor voting decisions.

        And, no, I will not “live with it.” When “it” is your brand of spreading misinformation and half-truths. Your judgment is impaired and needs correction, listen to me and I’ll help you with it. We’ll get you back on track to being a solid Minnesotan to be proud of.

        Say it with me Camilla, “Gay is okay, gay is okay…” You can do it. Join us! Join us on the thinking side of the fence!

        • camobabe

          Try this: “God is Great, God is Great, God is Great”.

          Are you gagging over that the way I vomit when I try the leftist religious chant you’re pushing?

          • Walt Henry

            Learn, Camilla, LEARN!!!!

          • Richard Olson

            Hey Camillabill, using the same logic you conservatives use to slam President Obama, I think you are a secret Muslim. Don’t you know dis is merica. We don’t need no stinken Muslim crap here in merica.

            “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) dats what dose Muslims say, Dis is merica, stop puching yer heather religion on us Christians. Stop persecuting us.

  • camobabe

    Curly, you have, on dozens of occasions on this blog and thousands of time on your chipmunk blog, screamed your hatred of all who believe in God, most specifically Chrisitians. Now, you pose as Christian and mock their beliefs as a camouflage Christian.

    It figures!

    • camobabe

      And, Larry, I and hundreds more Christians have learned that your phony brand of theology is more designed to tear apart Christianity than promote it.

      I pray I will never LEARN the godless theology of your Marxism.

    • Richard Olson

      Gee Camillabill, did you really think I sounded like a Christian? That makes me wonder what kind of Christians you hang around with. Let’s see if I can make this simple enough for even you to understand.

      I don’t hate real Christians, I don’t mock real Christians, I think they are naive, but that’s their right in the United States. I do how ever hate phony Christians and I mock phony Christians. The fact that you take offence to that tells me which group you consider yourself to be in. If your faith was as deep and strong as you claim it to be, there is nothing I could say that would shake it or you. Now just in case this is not clear enough for you, I’ll expand in clear and concise language. Camillbill it is my opinion that you are a phony Christian. When you get up in the morning you put your phony religion on your sleeve and that’s where it stays. You would rather show your religion than live it. A real Christian does not talk like you do. A real Christian does not treat people like you do. A real Christian does not belittle people like you do. You know you are phony and those people close to you do also, they are just too polite to tell you to your face for fear of you going off the deep end on them like you do here.

      My comment above mocked no one but you. If you took offence…GOOD, now you know what you sound like to others.

  • Walt Henry

    Camilla, the letter writer makes the claim ours is a Christian nation and only one person has said we are not. The fact is, if a poll of evangelical Christians can be believed, the National Assn. of Evangelicals said that when it surveyed selected evangelical leaders about whether the United States was a Christian nation, 68% said no. I would therefore be correct in assuming 68% is likely more than one person so more than one said ours is not a Christian nation. I would guess your understanding of Christianity is closer to the NAE’s than mine yet in this case it seems I am agreeing with them and you are not. ODD!
    Historical note–the British system of government is older than ours and ours has changed through the years as has theirs. So Camilla, as my view of Christianity has nothing to do with either of those things and thus gives you no opportunity to find comfort for your ignorance there, LEARN!!! LEARN!!!

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