Otter Tail County Planning Commission, Notice Of Public Hearing

Published 3:16pm Tuesday, November 6, 2012

(First Publication October 31, 2012)

County of Otter Tail    )
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Notice Of Public Hearing

Pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Statutes 394.26 Notice is hereby given that a hearing of the Otter Tail County Planning Commission will be held in the Commissioner’s Room at the Government Services Center, Fergus Falls, Minnesota on November 14, 2012 at 6:30 P.M. for the purpose of considering the following:

1. Katherine Gardner a Conditional Use Permit Application to construct a 16’ x 1600’ driveway, install culverts as needed, topdressing with 4” class 5; Pt GL 6, Sec 1, Sverdrup Twp, East Lost Lake (56-378), RD.

2. Randal W & Lynn M Cave a Conditional Use Permit Application for 53 yds of fill for garage floor & apron and install culvert, project includes 450 cy yds of cut & 500 cy yds of fill; Lot 2 Blk 1 Thalmann 3rd Add’n to South Oak, Sec 1, Otter Tail Twp, Buchanan Lake (56-209), GD.

3. Mark Walz a Conditional Use Permit Application to grade and fill for proposed home and driveway; Lot 8 Blk 1 McDonald Shores, Sec 17 & 20, Edna Twp, Big McDonald Lake (56-386), RD.

4. Wesley Pare’ a Conditional Use Permit Application to operate a landscaping business (Lakes Area Landscaping LLC) onsite & construct driveways & parking areas on existing grade, topdressing with 6” class 5; SW1/4 SW1/4 (40 ac), Sec 15, Dunn Twp, Elbow Lake (56-774), NE.

5. Dale Pierce et al a Conditional Use Permit Application to construct an easement road to service 4 lakelots, topdressing with 4” class 5, total cut & fill approx. 1400 cu yds; Tr A in GL 1 ex tr, Sec 27, Lida Twp, Lake Lida (56-747), GD.

Publication Date: October 31, 2012.

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