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Tea Party ‘fad’ losing momentum [UPDATED]

Published 8:53am Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Updated 10:54am Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One would hope that the Tea Party zealots from Indiana are currently suffering from buyers’ remorse.

By defeating Senator Richard Lugar in the GOP primary they took what should have been a safe Republican seat and gift wrapped it for the Democrats.

Meanwhile in Minnesota’s sixth Congressional District Michele Bachmann squeaked out a very narrow victory in a Republican stronghold.

That suggests that the Tea Party fad is losing its momentum. That can’t happen soon enough for me. The notion that we can balance our federal budget and pay down the National Debt without increasing taxes is a wild fantasy.

I am eagerly awaiting the day when the Tea Party and Grover Norquistjoin the John Birch Society in political oblivion. When that happens I will once again be able to vote Republican.


Jerry Miller


  • Swede

    The cause of liberty seems to have lost momentum in this past election, but you cannot kill an idea. “Freedom” has been redefined as “free stuff”, but that “free stuff” is burdening a shrinking working class with an ever increasing share of its toil. The 2013 tax increases to cover the “free stuff” will be shocking to those who have not paid attention to federal spending.

    If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you will end up with many sore Peters.

    • Swede

      That is, “an ever increasing share of the products of its toil.”

  • Richard Olson

    I doubt “Liberty or Freedom” had much to do with the tea party. The tea party was the brain child and sponsorship of the Koch brothers. Their purpose was to avoid taxes and to elect conservatives who would willingly carry water for them. Along the way the tea party attracted racists, hillbillies and Neanderthals who’s main purpose was hatred of a black president.

    They are still out there waiting for some politician, news network or church to give them cover to practice their racism in comfort. The republican party let them in, thinking they could control them. Now they control the republican party and responsible republicans paid the price.

    • camobabe

      The Tea Party only got a few of those “racists, hillbillies, and Neanderthals”. The vast majority of them lined up, with hands outstretched for free stuff, to vote for the Supreme Leader for Life, B. H. 0bama.

      And Amy Klobuchar.

      And Collin Peterson.

      And higher taxes, out-of-control spending, regualtions and restrictions galore.

      • Richard Olson

        Do you hear yourself Camillabillholly, remind me who was for regulations and restrictions galore.

        Who wanted regulations and restrictions on voting?
        Who wanted regulations and restrictions women’s health?
        Who wanted regulations and restrictions on women’s wages?
        Who wanted regulations and restrictions on abortion rights?
        Who wanted regulations and restrictions on marriage?
        The answer is you did Camillabillholly, you and your tea bagging hillbilly friends. Now you pretend that the past didn’t happen. We remember though, pretend all you want, we remember.

        I also remember you telling us how you and your tea bagging friends were going to kick those nasty Socialist, Communists, red pinko liberals out and reclaim our country for your god. Now you are willing to throw those fellow tea baggers under the bus. But that’s fine, that where they belong.

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