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Alerts should have been heeded [UPDATED]

Published 11:09am Thursday, November 1, 2012 Updated 1:11pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

When the Obama campaign received the endorsement from Louis Farakham, Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez four years ago, an alert should have popped up. When it became common knowledge he had no job experience except for community organizing, an alert should have popped up. When his friendships with Bill Ayr and Bernadine Dohrn (a couple of revolutionary radicals) were pointed out, an alert should have popped up.

When his voting record in the Illinois Senate and 90 days in the U.S. Senate were made available, and he was labeled the most liberal in the Senate, an alert should have popped up.

Unfortunately, the electorate heard only his message of “hope and change”. Voters had become tired of the long war, the stagnant economy, and a gridlocked Washington. Democrats and Republicans, blacks, white and Hispanic elected him as President.

The economy and run away job loss his first challenge; he surrounded himself with a bunch of book smart and job dumb liberal economists with no business experience who proceeded to spend nearly a trillion dollars to turn around the economy and create millions of jobs.

It didn’t work.

With the Senate, the House and the veto pen on his side he decided to introduce a national health care plan. His first challenge was left unfinished.

His filibuster –proof congress passed it so we could find out what was in it. It hasn’t been translated yet, but businesses haven’t been hiring until they know how it affects them. His first challenge was left unfinished.

Meanwhile back at the White House his staff had compiled a list of left wingers available for czar positions. I’m speaking of people like John Holdren (a believer in forced abortions and mass sterilization) and Van Horn (an ex-con and known communist).

Then we had czars {with no business experience} to run the country while he toured the world, running down the U.S. Czars were in charge while he toured the U.S. attending fundraisers and campaigning, Czars were in charge while he vacationed and golfed.

His first challenge was left unfinished.

As I look forward to the election, I see a growing government, a growing debt, a stagnant economy, high unemployment and his first challenge is still unfinished. Our country cannot afford another four years of spending and borrowing. His only plan for another term is “tax the wealthy.”

If his tax plan were adopted it would collect enough revenue in one year to fuel our countries spending for eight and a half days at current spending levels. Meanwhile his projected spending at 1.3 trillion per year will leave us with 5 more trillion in the next fours adding to our 16 trillion dollar debt.

The revenue gained from his “tax the wealthy” proposal does not even keep pace with his spending.

But that is his plan for the next four years: Tax the wealthy. Zippitty, zippitty, zippitty, “that’s all folks.”

His first challenge is left unfinished. A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.


Gene Keller

Fergus Falls

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