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Do best for state, not politics [UPDATED]

Published 10:31am Thursday, November 8, 2012 Updated 12:32pm Thursday, November 8, 2012

After only two years, the Republicans have lost control of the Minnesota House and Senate. The now-majority DFL House and Senate certainly has reason to celebrate.

But as this election has proven, victories do not mean DFLers have a mandate to do anything they want. The DFL would be wise in learning from the Republicans’ mistakes.

Republicans clearly felt that way after 2010. Clearly, they overreached.

Refusing to compromise with Gov. Mark Dayton on any hint of a tax increase, and placing the marriage and voter ID constitutional amendments on this year’s ballots seems to have been a mistake.

Minnesota DFLers, however, need to recognize that, though they were given control in all three branches of government, the message seems to be clear: do what’s right for your state, and not what’s right for your party.

Clearly, Minnesota state government, which is likely to face a deficit in the next couple of years, will need a fix.

And while the majority means that some tax increase — likely on the wealthiest Minnesotans as Dayton wanted — will be passed, it won’t be a deficit cure-all.

There simply cannot be a long-term fix to Minnesota’s budget without cutting more spending. If the Democrats think otherwise, they will face the same results as the Republicans did this year.

One action that might go a long way: Pick moderates to lead the House and Senate — maybe even from outstate Minnesota — rather than extremists.

  • Walt Henry

    This is a good letter, I completely agree, and gives me an appropriate place from which to exit the Daily Journal’s comment spot. Times have changed since I was young; so has Fergus Falls and Ottertail County. When I first got my driver’s license I would drive south from Vernon Avenue on Cascade and when I reached the hospital it looked as if I drove straight ahead I would run into my bedroom window. Now the scrub trees of the old line fence must be 25-30 feet tall and they block the view of my boyhood home from that perspective. Heck, even the street address of the house has changed.
    A friend of ours, who works a few hours in a little shop a few days a week to give her something to do, broke down to the point of tears, “My country is changing,” she cried “they are taking away my right to be white.” Who are they, the ones who would take away her country? They used to be called Americans. They are as much a part of us as we are a part of each other; different to be sure but Americans never the less.
    There are some things that stay the same. One is the importance of math, facts and accurately understanding what history is telling us. It is those three, when mastered, which help us conquer the fears and anxieties in a changing world and our fears of our fellow Americans who look and act differently than us. Education matters especially to those young voters that helped frame the results of this election. They believe in science. Theirs is a world of facts; a world of cause and effects.
    The source you trust for information matters too. If you listened or watched people who told you the results of the election and the votes for the amendments were going to be different than they turned out to be you are probably placing too much importance on self-serving, untrustworthy sources. Change the channel; at least long enough to know what others are saying.
    And lastly, to my “Christian” friends who would imitate the Pharisees, there IS a difference between the words as you read them and the meaning of those words. There can be no doubt from the time of man’s creation to the time of God’s willingness to let His Son die on the cross, God gave and continues to give us the right to make choices, even bad choices, and man should not try to be a better god than God.
    Be kind and respectful to each other. Check your sources. Do your research and then create an opinion; not the other way around. And don’t make me come back here! Larry/Walt :)

    • camobabe

      Gosh, Larry, we will miss your advice desperately.

      Yet, I feel that we will hear from you in one of your re-incarnations as long as there is a radical left cause to promote or a radical personality who need someone to apologize and coverup his transgressions.

      May I suggest that you offer your advice about not being a better god than God to your divine master B.H. 0bama.
      And his apostles Marx Dayton and Tommy the commie (his own self description) Baak, et al.

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