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Elbow chamber asks city for help

Published 11:20am Friday, November 16, 2012

Chamber of Commerce spokespersons Gene Hauser and Edie Jonson have asked the Elbow Lake City Council for some financial help to keep the organization afloat.

According to Hauser, the city previously had made an annual contribution of $15,000 until they were told such donations were illegal. Hauser said that after research of the statute pertaining to contributions, it was his interpretation that the city still could contribute to specific events that are sponsored by the Chamber.

Mayor Jay McNamar said it was also his interpretation that that the city can help fund various Chamber activities.

“If membership dues go down, I will recommend the chamber shut down,” said Hauser.

The council tabled the request until after they meet with the Chamber next month.


Blueprint for

PR taking shape

A task force to update the long-range, comprehensive plan for Pelican Rapids drew nearly 30 residents to its initial meeting Nov. 8. Under consideration are business trends and a population analysis.

Currently, the largest demographic is youth five and under. This statistic will affect planning for schools for years to come.

Pelican Rapids is the third largest city in Otter Tail County. From 2000 to 2010 Pelican Rapids gained in population by 4 percent, while Fergus Falls dropped in population.

The task force will meet several more times over the winter. Hearings and forums will also be held where the public is encouraged to attend and participate.

  • P. Carlson

    What happened to the big promise that if the new school was approved in Fergus Falls more students would come?

  • Richard Olson

    The chamber of commerce is the business mans union. I can just imagine the outcry if some workers union asked the city for donations. Additionally the chamber of commerce preaches the idea of free enterprise, that government is the problem, that the government is stealing all their profits by taxing business.

    When the city of Elbow Lake subsidizes the businessman’s union, the taxpayers will have to make up the shortfall. When they do, some of those taxpayers who are business owners and members of the CoC will complain about their taxes going up.

    If the CoC can not survive on it’s dues structure then it should fold it’s tent. That’s the capitalist, free enterprise way. (unless you want something of course, then it’s Socialism for me)

    • holly

      50 years ago, the headlines were “New James Bond movie released” and “Corruption in the Teamster’s Union” – Same headlines today.

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