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Keilmeyer was a memorable friend

Published 9:59am Friday, November 9, 2012 Updated 12:04pm Friday, November 9, 2012

Mr. Orman Keilmeyer, (97 years old) affectionately known to us as “Dooley” deserves more recognition and praise for kindness, compassion, generosity than was elaborated on recently in The Daily Journal.

We (by we, I mean dozens of us and our families) became acquainted with Dooley in 1970 when he took over the management of Fergus Enterprises properties. Soon it was obvious that Dooley was more than just a part-time real estate manager. Eventually many of us in the medical community including Doc Hom, (as he called us Doc), Dr. Pulido, Dr. David Sanderson Sr., the Orandis, and our families became heavily dependent on Dooley’s help.

He would mow the lawn, till the garden, buy straw, bring black soil, manure and whatever else was needed by the “gardener wives” and their busy (or lazy) husbands. He’d move furniture, transport heavy objects in his van.

He also became a wonderful companion. I know that the Homs, the Sandersons and we found a wise, kindhearted, emotionally balanced and above all, humorous companion in him.

He still remembers the days that I would come home from a busy working day, taking half a watermelon to his garden and sit down with him and talk about our past memories and our future dreams. Even 30 years ago he would say, “Doc, every time I open up my eyes in the morning I thank the lord for giving me another day”; days that he spent helping others.

There were quite a few old ladies whose families were not around.

Dooley was their “genie in the bottle.” And he was so honest. At one time he was the executor of the estate of such a lady.

Dooley had to dispose of a sizable sterling silver set. He showed it to me. It had been appraised locally at about $750. I was interested. However he had to get a second appraisal. He went to Fargo and sold it at $1,250.

He was also so generous.

He would record a partial list of his hours & would charge for example $9 per hour.

At that time other help who were hard to come by would charge $11 to $12 dollars per hour.

Most people struggle for fame and fortune to bring them happiness. For Dooley happiness was to give and help others, big and small, expecting not much in return.

He had many axioms besides praising the lord for another day. Being so busy most of the time we would ask him, “Dooley, how do you do it”? His response, “Doc, you nibble at it a little at a time”.

Dooley, our hats are off to you. You are the example of a true andhonorable servant, not just to God, but to humanity.

You have a special place in our hearts. Keep praising the lord for more days that shall dawn on you.


“Doc” Ahmad, M.D. and Ruth Orandi

Eden Prairie



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