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Now you own whatever comes next for our country

Published 9:20am Thursday, November 29, 2012 Updated 11:25am Thursday, November 29, 2012

In his letter to the editor of Nov. 21, Jerry Miller gloats at what he feels is a deserved decline of Tea Party influence as shown by numerous Democrat victories in Minnesota and nationally.

Mr. Miller, President Bush and Mitt Romney are gone from the political scene now, so you will have no decent men to blame for what lies ahead. It all belongs to you and the misguided voters who have enabled what is about to befall us as a people and nation.

Now, the next terrorist attack, you own it. Those who can’t get jobs after graduation, you own it. Nuclear Iran, you own it. The upcoming next severe depression, you own it. Trouble finding good health care under Obamacare, you own that. Mistrust from our allies, more trillions in debt, more Benghazi situations, nobody willing to join a military headed by a Commander in Chief who won’t back them, you own all that.

Have trouble getting a loan, become more dependent on food stamps, have several part time jobs instead of a good job, a world government ruled by the United Nations, you own that.

Loss of the freedoms we have known for more than 236 years, a dictatorship instead of a Constitutional republic, less take home pay because of higher taxes, more government corruption and lies, more toleration of fanatic and extremist terrorists, your revenge instead of love of country, you own all that.

Mr. Miller, I hope that you are happy with what lies ahead. As for me all I can say is , “God bless America.” God and patriotic Americans are our only hope now.


Bill Schulz

Fergus Falls

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