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Obama can’t offer utopia

Published 11:16am Thursday, November 1, 2012 Updated 1:17pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

President Obama is the chief advocate for a utopian society in the United States. Most Democrat politicians, and quite a few Republicans, advocate utopian ideals.

Some utopia advocates down through the ages have been Plato, Sir Thomas More, Adolph Hitler, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and Karl Marx, just to name a few.

During the 20th century alone, tens of millions of people have died or have been murdered in order advance utopian ideas and policies.

The greatest advocate for Utopia in the history of the world is Jesus Christ. Jesus says that we are all sinners and that we won’t experience utopia until we reside with Him, in Heaven. There can be no utopia here on earth because we are all sinners.

Obama is doing a wonderful job of selling utopian ideas to voters. Take from the rich and give to the poor, everyone equal. For that to work, we have to assume that all people are selfless and perfectly


Many advocates for utopian ideas put little stock in Christ and His Word, but without morality as expressed in the Ten Commandments, the communal ideas that Liberals are pushing are unworkable.

Obama has made a career out of bearing false witness about others. He tries to persuade people to covet and envy and if reelected, he promises to steal from others in order to give to you and me.

The moral frailties, which afflict most of us, and which Obama exploits, are the very weaknesses which make his utopian ideas unworkable. Unworkable, that is, without resorting to violence upon human freedom and liberty, by the state.

No utopian system has ever worked for any length of time. The Soviet Union, Cuba, East Germany and others, all tried to operate utopian systems and turned their nations into hell on earth. Brute force and evil methods of the worst sort were used by those states in order to enforce their utopian ideas.

If Obama and his ideas prevail, we will probably be more equal, but also generally poorer and we will all suffer from diminished freedom and liberty.

History says that utopian states usually degenerate into dictatorship. The state has power, the state exercises power and the state is corrupted by power. How close are we?


Austin Culp

Battle Lake

  • Richard Olson

    Austin Culp’s ideas and definitions of utopia are his own and just as faulty as his economic ideas for the United States.

    Just remember this is the same Austin Culp who comes here monthly to whine about his taxes, while at the same time collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money in the form of government subsidies. Now if that sound reasonable to you then you’ll probably buy into his distorted view of history and utopia.

    One would have thought that someone who claims that President Obama has promised utopia could of provided at least one example of him doing so. But he didn’t, because he can’t. Culp is just another conservative telling ghost stories to scare people. Boo!

  • Walt Henry

    Two senior pollsters, one from each side, sitting face to face both said the poll averages on Thursday night will tell the winner of 2012. If true, then based on averaging 94 polls the result is Obama, the Dems. retain control of the Senate with a 3 seat majority and gain 12-15 seats in the House. Now let’s insist the radical right wing with the social agenda work with the adults and get us going again. (In Minnesota the DFL regains control of the Senate, (sex scandal and amendments hurt the GOP), the marriage amendement is defeated and on this Friday morning the photo ID amendement is too close to call.)
    Having said all of that–if you don’t vote you don;’t have the right to complain!!! VOTE!

    • camobabe

      Curly and Larry, you are both whistling past the graveyard of the 0bama socialist enslavement of the peoples of America. Larry, you quote two radical leftist supporters of your Marxist theology, who happen to be employed as pollsters to spread your Marxist disinformation. It is an indicator of your liberal arrogance that you assume you can fool people with your
      “expert” opinions attributed to those two, and other liars of the left.

      Enraged Christians countrywide will show up on election day to shed our country of the anti-Christian 0bama and his minions in congress.

      Then, we just have to endure the two or three months during which obama and his lawyers try to overturn the results-like Al Gore and Florida on steroids.

      • Richard Olson

        Camillabills Joe McCarthy like rants are amusing when tea baggers meet behind the barn. That’s the crowd that sucks that stuff up. Can’t you just see some hayseed grinning from his toothless mouth when Camillabill expectorates this…..”0bama socialist enslavement of the peoples of America”.

        It’s Hee Haw rewound as they choke on a packet of Skoal while giggling over the latest lightly tinged Obama joke. Never dreaming the of “enslavement” visited upon them by the for profit health care industry. I doesn’t dawn on them that the party that promotes low wage for working people “enslaves” them with two or three jobs. It will be some time before they realize that true “enslavement” will come when they want to retire only to find that the republicans gave their social security to that gang of crooks on Wall Street.
        I wonder if those dolts will feel free at Liberty or “enslaved” when they try to buy some health insurance with that worthless voucher the republicans gave them in lieu of Medicare.

        They won’t have a job, they won’t have Social Security, they won’t have health insurance and they won’t have Medicare, unions, environmental protection and OSHA. Clean Air and water will be a thing of the past. They won’t have a lot of things, but one thing they will have is Camillabills voice ringing in their ears.
        “Rejoice you are free, free from the Socialist enslavement of those nasty liberals”

        • camobabe

          Curly, so revealing to see your “all inclusive” elitist democrat sentiments on display when you describe toothless and Skoal chewing conservatives hanging out in their garages to spout conservative slogans. Kind of like B.H. 0bama’s comments about the fools clinging to their bibles and guns, no? You all seem cut from the same cloth when you demean anyone who questions or disagrre with you as idiotic lowlifes. What contempt you rad-libs have for ordinary people. And you wonder why so few who actually tead or hear your elitist arrogance want to be ruled by you.

          • Richard Olson

            Hey Camillabill, tea baggers are not “ordinary” people. Anyway, Camillabill do you know how to start a parade of tea baggers?…………roll a can of Skoal down the road ahead of them.

      • Walt Henry

        Camilla—You make me laugh! Thanks, I need to do more of that. Hahahahaha If you read my comment carefully you will notice I said two pollsters, one a Republican and one a Democrat had agreed, based on history, the polls when averaged on Thursday evening do not vary much if at all from the final results of an election. They didn’t say who was going to win; they just said if you average the polls on Thursday evening you will know who will win. I listened to their advice and checked the poll averages on Friday morning and passed on the result. What the heck does Marx have to do with it? And as for Christians, using your rather broad meaning of the word, remember many of them are black and the Mormon Church continued its racist tradition long after the civil rights movement had ended segregation.
        You don’t have to be so afraid of the future if you will muster the courage to learn.

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