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We remain ‘One Nation Under God’ [UPDATED]

Published 8:53am Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Updated 7:31am Thursday, November 29, 2012

We in America live in a land where we can celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These are unalienable rights which have been granted to us by God, of to whom we give thanks. God has given them to us, whereas let no man take them away from us.

Peoples from many foreign lands have risked their lives to escape the tribulations of their lands, travel to America to enjoy our freedoms, and thus call America their new homeland.

We are truly a nation which has been blessed by God. He continues to grant us the gifts which help to supply our everyday needs and comforts.

He has also given us the greatest gift of all, His Son, Jesus Christ.

The first Thanksgiving celebration in this country can be traced back to the year of 1621 in Plymouth, which was prompted by a good autumn harvest of crops.

On Thursday, Nov. 22, we as a United States of America continue to celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day.

As children of God, let us observe the day and thank Him for the abundance which He has granted to us as individuals, as families and as a great nation.

Let this also be a day to share our time, talents and His joy with those around us who have been less fortunate this past year due to life’s hardships and struggles.

In everything he has given us, let us give thanks to God.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Brent E. Frazier

Pelican Rapids

  • Richard Olson

    Give thanks to whomever you wish. I’ll be thankful for the farmer who made my Thanksgiving dinner possible. I’ll praise the machinist who made the food processing technology possible and I’ll be happy I didn’t shop at Wal-mart for my turkey.

    While you’re thanking god for your Thanksgiving meal you might just ask him what he has against those starving on Thursday in Africa.

    • camobabe

      Perhaps we could have the Man-God 0bama wave his magic wand over the national Treasury and feed and clothe and provide shelter for all the peoples of Africa, Asia, and all the nations of the earh which the Man God 0bama has been sent to rule. With Curly as his messenger, of course.

      • Richard Olson

        Grow up Camillabill, this has nothing to do with your sore loser racist hatred of President Obama.

    • Swede

      If you are a liberal democrat, the following is acceptable:

      “give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama”
      ~Jamie Foxx

  • holly

    I’ll give thanks that the law finally caught up with the crooked Teamster’s Union leaders that have been stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars locally – lining their pockets with money that should have been spent on charity.

    • Richard Olson

      I would give additional thanks if the anti-worker, anti-union haters like Holly would learn how to read before she shoots her mouth off.
      Had she taken the time and effort to understand the issue before her hatred kicked in she would have known that no teamsters leaders were involved nor was the teamsters union itself. The entity involved was the teamsters club, a separate and apart organization. Further the people involved were employees of the club and it was the teamsters union that brought the issue to light and called for an independent investigation and then suspended the employees pending an investigation and closed the club.

      Holly never lets the facts stand in her way of spreading her hatred and rumors.

      • holly

        RichardMunk – you know that what you posted is just not true. The President and the Secretary-Treasurer of Local 120 are the culprits (I think that makes them “union leaders”). Here are the quotes from today’s Forum

        “The Fargo Teamsters Club was shuttered last week when Teamsters President James Hoffa announced the suspensions of Brad Slawson Jr. and his father, Brad Slawson Sr., the president and secretary-treasurer of Local 120, respectively. The two men are based in the Twin Cities.
        Slawson Sr. was part of a ticket that ran against Hoffa in the national Teamsters election last year in a failed attempt to unseat Hoffa as general president.”

        “…a report issued by the Independent Review Board, which details suspected corruption by high-ranking officials with the Teamsters Local 120, based in Blaine, Minn”

        “… the Independent Review Board, a three-member panel established to investigate allegations of corruption within the Teamsters union …”

        50 years ago, the headlines were “New James Bond movie released” and “Corruption in the Teamster’s Union” – Same headlines today. No big surprise here.

        • Richard Olson

          You can try to back track all you want HaterHolly, you said “Teamsters Union Leaders” meaning “national”, now you want to make some pipsqueak in the cities responsible for the national teamsters union.
          Using your corrupt logic, every member of the Fergus Falls City Council and Mayor would be guilty of theft if some employee of the golf course club house took some money.

          Next, the Fargo Forum story did not dispute anything I said.

          Lastly, it seems to me that the last time you wrote “50 years ago, the headlines were “New James Bond movie released” and “Corruption in the Teamster’s Union” – Same headlines today. No big surprise here.” you did so as your other identity Camilla Ryan.

          • holly

            So the Central-Region vice-president of the Teamsters is not a “national” leader, but some “pipsqueak from the Twin Cities”? I really think that YOU should do your research before you sound off, Chip.

            From the Star Tribune – “The top two executives of Blaine-based Local 120, Brad Slawson Sr. and Brad Slawson Jr., have been put on a leave of absence, and the local’s executive leadership board has been dissolved” (in part, due to the problems at the Fargo Club).
            – but of course, the allegations go much further than that).

            And “Teamsters 120 has about 10,000 members and offices in four states, and Slawson Sr. is a nationally known Teamsters leader.”

            “Slawson Sr., who started as a Teamsters driver in 1970, is central region vice president for the national union, and is recording secretary for Teamsters Joint Council 32, an umbrella group for Minnesota Teamsters locals.”

            I hope you enjoy eating crow instead of turkey.

          • Richard Olson

            Your hatred of unions has clouded your judgment and perception. If you knew half of what you think you know you might be dangerous. You keep trying to make a mountain from a molehill.

            Locals are exactly that, locals. They are not nation wide. Just because a reporter in Fargo writes a story one way does not make it true. He/she may be just as uninformed as you are. I think we can safely assume that you are just as uninformed about the teamsters as you were about the lockout at Crystal Sugar.

            Once again, neither you nor the Fargo Forum has disproved anything I’ve said. Keep trying Holly, eventually you’ll work yourself up into a irrational hysterical lather and have to switch identities again.

          • Richard Olson

            Hollymeilla, it’s too bad you lack the resources to comment on the last sentence of my first comment, which was in regards to the substance of this article. Everything is not about you and your hatred.

          • holly

            Your blind devotion to your union brethren has clouded your judgement and perception on this issue – facts, math and an understanding of history matter, so I’ve been told.

            You also seem to be having trouble with reading comprehension. The last few quotes were not from some uninformed reporter from Fargo, but from the left-leaning Star Tribune. And similar coverage can be found at the Pioneer Press. No, this is not a molehill – it is an expose into what goes on behind the closed doors of the union halls. You’d be all over these people if it was Company management or a Republican who was caught with their hand in the cookie jar. That pretty much defines your hypocrisy right there.

            As to your snarky comment about God – I’ve pointed out many times here that you are nothing more than a hypocritical religious bigot, so there is no more to be said about that aspect. And instead of worrying about starving people in Africa, perhaps we should follow up on the corruption of the Local and National union leaders to see that the charitable donations go to the needy here in MN and ND, rather than lining the pockets of your greedy, crooked brethren.

            Hope you have some pumpkin pie with your crow.

          • Richard Olson

            Only a bitter hate filled bigot with absolutely no knowledge of labor union would equate a social club with a union hall. All the news sources you mention get their news from the same place, the associated press. Sometimes the end user re-writes the copy, sometimes they print it as received.
            In any case your bitterness and hatred stymies your understanding to the point that nothing on the subject of unions can be trusted. Like a bitter used up old woman searching for the guy who jilted her 60 years before you prowl these pages searching for some union story to justify your petty grievances.
            Even if everything you said were true, my former example of the golf course club house and the city council is still valid. Also, if you know so much about corruption at the teamsters social club you should call the committee investigating the issue and tell them you wish to testify. That should take about 30 seconds of the committees time, then you could spend the rest of the day kicking puppies and screaming hysterically at blind people selling pencils. Oh, wait you couldn’t testify could you? You would have give your real name to testify. You would rather hide behind a bush and snipe at others like a coward.

          • holly

            Sorry Chip, your allegation that these were AP cut/paste stories is not true. The Forum story was authored by Dave Olson (a distant cousin of yours, perhaps), one of the senior reporters at the paper. The Star Tribune article was written by Mike Hughlett, their Food Industry senior reporter, who previously wrote for the Chicago Tribune (where he no doubt saw plenty of this type of activity in the Chicago machine).

            And this should explain the difference between the Local and a social club. “When Local 120 took over North Dakota Local 116 in 2007, they acquired this property in Fargo N.D. (the “social club”). Previously, the Local 116 Executive Board had control of it, and ran it for the union, but the Slawsons took private control of it. They paid themselves extra salaries, unknown to the Local 120 members or even the executive board. Slawson Sr and Jr received $140,800 from this diversion over a five year period, according to the IRB. They installed their family partner Todd Chester as the “manager,” although as a bar owner he was in bankruptcy himself. He was paid more than the full-time bar employees, who were kept non-union and without any health insurance. Chester is alleged to have skimmed some $235,000 from the union bar by removing liquor and beer to sell at his own bar. He also fired an employee after that employee dissented from Chester’s plan to run a fake charity event through the bar.”

            Finally, no need for me to testify – the Independent Review Board (IRB) has put together a 139-page report detailing the Fargo situation as well as others, including skimming union money, sham contracts, misusing credit cards, diverting personal debts to the union – the whole ugly story. Look it up – it’s interesting reading.

            But what is really interesting is that you would rather deny that any of this is happening than take these criminals to task for stealing charitable contributions from your union brethren that should have gone to needy people in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

  • Walt Henry

    First Thanksgiving Proclamation
    George Washington
    October 3, 1789
    “Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor, and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint committee requested me to commend to the people of United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness, now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next, to be devoted to the service of that great and glorious Being, Who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or will be.”

    The God George Washignton writes about, was he the God of the Jews or the Mormons, or the God of the Christians, the God of Islam or maybe the sun god of the Egyptians? We don’t know; our founding fathers didn’t identify him. Maybe, on this day of Thanksgiving we should remember we see god through the glasses we’ve been given and not all of us have been given the same glasses. As for our founding father’s intent, one thing is certain, we are all 100% Americans regardless of how we see God.

  • camobabe

    Curly/Acker/Chippie, I know Holly and we are BOTH willing to meet you for a coffee even in your DFL spots with a number on south union st., or in the old pool hall. Bring along your alias Phaedrus and Larry and Bennie. And photo IDs, as we will have ours. It is a compliment to me that you would think of Holly and myself as one person, yet I would not be able to claim the many accomplishments of Holly as my own. I am honored, however, to know that she and I are on the same side against your adamant defense of your corrupt fellow union leaders. You obviously have attended the same training as all the people shielding the Supreme Leader for Life, B.H. 0bama from the revelation that HE abandoned the four Americans in Benghazi, to be murdered by his fellow terrorists.

    Now, when it comes to dual personalities, you and the fellow God haters and marxists mentioned above are pretty busy trying to convince people reading this blog that there are actually more then two people in this area who have your same angry and hate-filled message.

    • holly

      Sorry Camilla – I have no desire to meet Acker/Richard/Chipmunk in person. He is the one of the most vile, bigoted and hypocritical trolls on the Internet. So count me out.

      • Richard Olson

        What I find interesting is your public petting of each other. Just like Schulz couldn’t wait to sing your praises as a war hero, so much so that you purportedly refused to sign your comments for fear of appearing to engage in self-aggrandizing behavior. Then there was Jerome’s worship of Schulz as a mentor to the multitudes in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Now you puff for Holly and her “many accomplishments”.

        The reasoning behind all this self-congratulations is that when you are the same people you end up embellishing yourself by the pretend congratulations of others. When you use one true identity you need not remember what you said to whom. You two were unmasked last week when one of you said (2 weeks ago) “50 years ago, the headlines were “New James Bond movie released” and “Corruption in the Teamster’s Union” – Same headlines today. No big surprise here.” in an comment to an article completely unrelated to the comment. Then the other personality said the very same thing last week on a different story. Now you are either conjoined twins with one brain or you just forgot what you said before and forgot which persona you used when you said it.

        As for the teamster issue, I’ve had my say, what I said was/is true. Further arguing with you is a wasted effort. It’s like trying to convince a fundamentalist that snakes can’t really talk. Your hatred is too deep seated to change. You hate unions, you hate working people and you hate to see them get ahead, I get it. It was nice however, to see that you have as little knowledge of the newspaper business as you do labor unions.

        As to the coffee issue….keep begging, down on your knees. You’ve had my answer months ago, but I love to hear you keep begging.

  • Phaedrus

    I’d hate to see you let reading the article stand in the way of jumping to conclusions, but you both seem to have only read the parts that reinforce your preconceived stereotypes. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that, from the same article, “The investigation has been conducted over the past several months by the Teamsters Independent Review Board”

    This was the Union (not “the law catching up with them”) catching people within the union embezzling. In other words, the union was being accountable for its money to its members. “Peter Rachleff, a history professor and organized labor expert at Macalester College, said the allegations suggest that the Slawsons “ran this local union as if it were their own personal property, and that is egregious behavior by a union officer.” “They kept the membership in the dark,” he said. “This is exactly what unions are not supposed to be.” ‘

    So what you have here is an example of corrupt people within an organization being caught (by that organization, not “the cops”) for corrupt practices. They’re just protecting themselves through internal/independent audits like any business or government agency that have employees with enough authority to embezzle. They’re being accountable to their stakeholders, and they’re also doing a much better job of being accountable than all the bankers who burned down Wall Street and then demanded their bonuses.

    And if your argument is, if there’s an individual that’s corrupt, then the organization must be corrupt, that’s not just silly, it’s a logical fallacy known as composition. That’s like saying that all people in business are corrupt because Tom Petters, Denny Hecker and Bernie Madoff were corrupt. Even if we include the “history of” in the argument, it’s no less silly, since you can’t seriously think there’s no corruption in the history of business? That’s probably a much bigger book than corruption in the history of unions.

    Personally, I think you should be singing the union’s praises, since they may be able to recapture those funds through some kind of legal agreement/restitution in exchange for not pressing criminal charges. I’d call that being responsible to your membership and saving taxpayers dollars (for the cost of the courts and incarceration).

    And Camo – it’s been said that we can define the term “insanity” as “repeatedly doing the same thing, but expecting different results.” So, if that’s true, thanks for providing actual evidence for something that I’ve long suspected. Thus, just to be clear, I think you have the depth of film and are equally transparent, so I don’t have any interest in meeting you. If I’m curious about what you believe, I’ll go to the sources that do your thinking for you (I can listen to Rush or watch Fox – you’re just a “barker” or “middle-woman” in the process and are thus personally uninteresting).

    • Richard Olson

      As to re-capturing lost funds….all union officers are bonded. Therefore the bonding company will remit any lost revenues then go after those responsible.
      It is instructive to note that unions pay a lower bonding rate than bankers, attorneys and doctors, who pay a lower bonding rate than used car salesmen.

    • holly

      Mr Wolf – I understand that the Union did the initial investigation. I based my comment on the KFGO report that said – “A spokesman with the Teamsters union in Washington says criminal charges are expected in connection with the improper use of union funds at Teamsters Local 120 in Fargo.”

      Yet Mr Olson still contends that none of the perpetrators were “union leaders”, in spite of the fact that Slawson Sr. is central region vice president for the national union. If these were bankers, attorneys or doctors, he would be outraged. Go figure.

      • Phaedrus

        If you two want to continue to quibble over minor details, I don’t particularly care, but you seem to be missing the larger point. He’s not going to want to admit that they are “union leaders” because that might give you “ammo” for the “unions are corrupt” claims, and he can hide behind the technicality that Slawson wasn’t elected one of the national offices (e.g. he’s not Hoffa). Of course, that’s been the argument that you’ve been trying to make, “it is an expose into what goes on behind the closed doors of the union halls.” Of course, given the context, you meant to imply that “behind union doors is corruption”, when it turns out to be the case that “behind union doors is responsibility to their stakeholders and accountability for the money they are entrusted with.”

        Were these men in a position of power and responsibility? Obviously they were (in business vernacular they were probably “middle management” at the national level – if they still use terms like that), but they were able to direct spending for the local chapter, and they probably served on some national committees where they would have a say in policy (so they would be like the National Governors Association giving advice to President Obama – they get to direct their own locals/states, but their influence on the national level would vary). However, I’d imagine that their “main job” is to be the voice of their members on those committees and be the liaison between their members and the national leadership. But the point is that the only reason I know their names is because they betrayed the trust that came with that position and they were caught by the union. So, from the contributions of you both, I’d say this has a happy ending. The union didn’t lose any money because they were bonded (so the charities won’t lose out), and there will be criminal charges. I would guess that the evidence provided by the union investigation would make it a pretty solid case, so they would probably plea bargain the case. So the taxpayers are still on the hook for incarceration, but we probably saved money on investigation and courts.

        • Richard Olson

          The whole point of the person posing as Holly Olsonmunk wanted to make is that the national Teamsters Union was corrupt because some local employee who also held some parochial position in the teamsters social club may have taken some money.

          Her knowledge of unions only extends to her hate and nothing beyond. She knows nothing of the term “trusteeship” and it’s use by a National Union, she know nothing of the “T.O.O” table of organization nor the area of responsibilities of various organizations within the National Teamsters Union. And I’m absolutely certain she has never read the constitution of the teamsters union.

          All she did was to hear a “dog whistle” blurb about unions and corruption for a smirk to come across her face and her ears to peak. That was enough to send her scurrying here to spread her hate and rumor in her typical hysterical frenzied fashion.

          • holly

            I’m thankful that, thanks to Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa and the Independent Review Board (IRB), there will be criminal charges brought up against Brad Slawson Jr and Brad Slawson Sr, President and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 120 (which has 10,000 members in 4 states), respectively of the Twin Cities, for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Fargo union social club – lining their pockets with money that should have been spent on charity for the less fortunate in the Fargo-Moorhead area. One can only hope that those two men and their local stooge Todd Chester will soon find themselves locked up.

  • camobabe

    Hey, Curly. You heard Master Phaedrus. He can see that you are making a fool of yourself and you are exposing to all who read here that you will protect any union members
    from exposure and judgement “by whatever means necessary”, as stated by your Supreme Master, Caliph B.H. 0bama. Master Phaedrus is calling you off, asking you to assume a pose of rationality and fair mindedness. We all know how difficult that is for you, but at least try to obey Master Phaedrus lest your voice be judged to be anti-revolutionary and you are consigned to whatever party equivalent of Siberian archipelago is reserved for aparatchiks who wander from the ordained party line.
    We would miss having you here to give us a chuckle when you get into your rants. Learn how not to rant, but to dissemble and obfuscate as Master Phaedrus did when he
    minimalized all of this as a harmless wandering off the straight and narrow by a “middle management” type in the Teamsters. No more a trifling thing than a sneeze in a gale. Just move along folks, nothing to see here. The government will take care of all this for you.

    • Richard Olson

      Well Camilla or should I say Ginny now that we all know your real identity. I’m not taking your bait of divide and conquer. I should have put 2 and 2 together some time ago. It all makes sense now, the racist language, the ranting like Joe McCarthy. Obama was 100% right when he said people like you cling to your guns and bible. I wonder if the Sheriff knows exactly why you want that concealed carry permit?

    • BrendanJanssen

      I just got done reading this entire comment section and Camilla has done absolutely nothing to further this debate other than slander left-leaning folks. Are you not capable of original thought? You and Jerome have much in common in this regard. Your thoughts are your own and if someone doesn’t agree, they must be a Godless hobo on welfare sucking the teet of big government. Richard may not always be level-minded in his posts, but he at least brings many good points to the debate.

      Oh, and if this is Ginny, I don’t want to hear another word from you regarding screen names. Camilla and Ginny do have the exact same thoughts and writing styles, so using Camilla logic, they must be one. Not that it matters to me other than the fact you complain about people posting anonymously…

      • Richard Olson

        I agree with Brendan, I don’t care how many identities someone has. I will respond to the content of the comment. However when I’m accused of being someone else every time I make a comment, I will respond in like fashion.
        This childishness started with William Schulz who began insinuating that anyone posting an argument he could not counter was someone else. His logic was that if you wrote or sounded like someone else and he could not find you in the phone book, you must, by his logic be posting under an assumed identity.

        Using Bill’s own logic Camilla Ryan and Holly Olsonmunk are the figments of the imagination of Ginny Saul. Neither are listed in the phone book and both are of the same mindset. Moreover, both have inadvertently made the same verbatim comment under both/different names. There is additional evidence to link those involved at another web site.

        • camobabe

          The phony garbage you just spewed here is exactly the reason that Bill and Jerome and I want to meet you in person, nuetral territory, photo ID’s and other confirming personal information in hand – that reason being you attempt to minimize our opinions by accusing us of being one person. You and Master Phaedrus and Larry aka Walt obstinately refuse to meet , only confirming suspicions of many that you are one or two multiple identitied personalities whose purpose is to troll the blogs and jump in to counter and smear anyone who does not cower in fear of the Marxist ideology you champion.

          Curly/Acker/Chipmunk, you accuse us of what you have done, as when you on several occasions have accused some of us as being non existent since you cannot find our names in the local phone books. Ever heard of folks who are not in a phone listing because they don’t want to be listed to avoid people like you harassing them? Or people who have cell phones, which are not listed in phone books? You, Curly Acker Richard Chipmunk are the person who has called people who post here and disagree with your leftist rants , demanding that they retract their statements that you operate under several identities. Do we need any further reason to avoid exposing our homes and families to your venemous attacks?

          Do Bill and Jerome and I, as well as other people know each other and discuss our opinions with each other? Of course we do, much as you would love to deprive us of our rights of association and speech. Are you going to try to sell us the fantasy that none of you talk things over among yourselves and your multiple, disguised personalities? Yeah, right…. And I do not post here as Holly or Ginny, nor am I any of those people.

          • Richard Olson

            “Curly/Acker/Chipmunk, you accuse us of what you have done, as when you on several occasions have accused some of us as being non existent since you cannot find our names in the local phone books. Ever heard of folks who are not in a phone listing because they don’t want to be listed to avoid people like you harassing them? Or people who have cell phones, which are not listed in phone books?”

            Ha, those were the very same arguments Acker Johnson used when defending himself against people like Bill Schulz and you Ginny. You guys wouldn’t accept those arguments from him, I won’t accept them from you.

            Ginny, you whine about others calling you names but you just did the same to me. I’m in the phone book and I also have a cell phone. I’m proud of what I’ve written and I don’t hide from anyone especially some sniveling dwarf.

          • holly

            Here is the link that RichardMunk claims that Camilla made the identical comment about unions that I did – as you can see, he is wrong again, just as he has been wrong about newspaper reporters, union leaders, and that stealing money is no big deal.


          • BrendanJanssen

            “Do we need any further reason to avoid exposing our homes and families to your venemous attacks?

            Is not name calling a venomous attack? Unless you refer to us as our screen names, it’s simply bullying and it appears that this is the only tactic you are capable of on here. Literally the only thing you posted in this section is slander and libel about others and other baseless drivel. Accusing others of holding Obama to the heights of God gets a little old, especially since that is about the only thing you have done on here. Not a single fact is given to further the debate. Notice how I said “fact”.

            Back to the name calling issue: Unless told otherwise, you should comment based on the substance one provides you to comment about. Enough of this “He’s using a pseudonym so what he says is wrong and he MUST be a Godless fool waiting to be spoon-fed by others.” It’s pure garbage. You offer to meet for coffee to prove you are a real person. Well, the beauty of the internet is that people can comment in confidence. I can think of 1,000,001 reasons why people would want to do so. I’ll tell you it’s judgmental folks like yourself that apparently can’t think of any facts to back up their words that forces other people to want to remain unknown. I don’t care if you’re Camilla, Ginny, Thomas Jefferson, or Einstein. Comment on the content and not the persona of someone. It’s a waste of time otherwise and it makes you look like you are incapable of original thought.

    • Phaedrus

      You can go on screaming hysterically all you want (one should probably expect that from the insane), but the point is that human institutions are full of people and some of those people have agendas that differ from the goals of the organization. For example, it took all of 2 minutes to find the following examples.

      “Jason Hunt and Samuel “Cole” Wakefield were accused of using a Vanderbilt credit card and writing forged checks to skim money for themselves and friends. An internal audit revealed that between April 2010 and October 2011 Hunt, an administrative services manager at the law school, embezzled at least $535,962.”

      “A woman accused of stealing money from a church preschool in Douglas County is due in court Thursday afternoon. Melissa Miles allegedly stole thousands from the preschool at Faith Lutheran Church in Castle Rock. Miles served as the school director during the 2011-2012 school year.”

      “A San Antonio attorney who has seen the inside of a jail cell multiple times in the four years since she was accused of embezzling roughly $500,000 in inheritance money from her grandmother opted Monday to forgo a felony trial — instead pleading no contest to misapplication of fiduciary property.”

      “Douglas Ross Zuber, 51, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was sentenced to six years in prison plus sever years of supervised release for embezzling approximately $11 million from Harvard Investments, Inc. where he had been employed as executive vice president.”

      “Kevin Coleman, 51, of Waseca, Minn., pleaded guilty today before United States District Judge Stefan R. Underhill in Bridgeport to one count of wire fraud and one count of tax evasion in a case that involves Newtown resident Joanne Osmolik, who along with Coleman charged substantial personal expenses on corporate credit cards at the company they worked at in Shelton. Coleman pleaded guilty before United States District Judge Stefan R. Underhill in the case stemming from his embezzlement of approximately $1.7 million from his former Shelton employer, and his failure to file federal tax returns for four years.”

      “Men commit more crime than women but there’s one category where women hold the distinction – embezzlement. In a national trend that is playing out in series of Sonoma County cases, women are more often arrested on charges of stealing from employers, churches or community organizations. Their dominance is likely a result of the positions they occupy such as bookkeepers and bank tellers that allow greater access to financial records, checking accounts and cash, experts say.”

      So, if we follow your line of (insane) reasoning, then businesses, universities, churches and women are all not to be trusted because they are corrupt (there’s an example of each above). I’m also not sure that thinking that criminal charges and jail time are “a harmless wandering off the straight and narrow” (if it was harmless, there wouldn’t be a need for jail time).

      “The government will take care of all this for you.” – obviously you have been paying more attention to your imaginary friends again than to the thread of the argument, but “the government” didn’t take care of it, the union did.

  • Richard Olson

    I think the Fergus Journal should start over with new rules for the comment section on the on line edition.

    Make anyone who wishes to comment re-register and USE their real name as their username. And do so on a paid email account. No accounts with gmail, yahoo or any other free email account.

    Each account must be verified by phone conversation initiated by a journal employee or make the person wanting an account physically come to the journals office and apply in person with a photo ID, that contains a valid street address.

    Those who comment may only refer to other commenter’s by their real username, those who don’t will have their comment deleted.

    All comments must pertain “only” to the instant article/story and not other people who comment. Which would eliminate most trolls.

    The only reason for anyone to disagree with the above rules is because they don’t want to own their comments or want to post comments under a phony name, which amounts to the same thing. The journal requires proof of identity to publish a letter to the editor. Comments are nothing but short letters to the editor and should not require less proof. I can live with these rules and I’m sending them to Joel Myhre in an email from my paid account under my real name which is Richard Olson.

    • holly

      “All comments must pertain “only” to the instant article/story and not other people who comment. Which would eliminate most trolls.”

      That would eliminate you. You are absolutely the worst troll when it comes to comments about other people.

      • Richard Olson

        You make my case Holly.

        • camobabe

          Brendan and Curly/Richard/Acker.

          So, you figure that since the Supreme Ruler for Life Caliph B.H. 0bama is now reelected, that gives you license to make up new wrules under which we are permitted to state our opinions? To use tightly constricted rules made up by you to speak our piece? And, I imagine that like all your heroic marxist dictators, you will change the rules the instant any of us criticize any of your hogwash? Lemme tell ya, you ain’t there yet, Comrades.This paper still has to make a profit to stay in operation, and in this part of the country there are still a majority of people who will not abide radical leftists forbidding free speech. Brendan and Curly/Acker/Richard, meet us for coffee and we can help you draw up your Marxist manifesto of permitted and allowable speech under the “New” America. And then introduce you to a few thousand people who will wish to give you their opinions about your “rules”.
          And from whence comes this demand that we can only post from “pay for service” addresses? I thought you socialists always demand that everything be free and that for profit companies, such as internet providers, are evil. And now you demand we pay those companies for services offered free by others? When did you guys become fans of free enterprise and profits?

          • Richard Olson

            Well imagine that! Ginny doesn’t like my proposed rules, gee I wonder why? When you supposedly read my rules comment, did you happen to notice the second word I used? Do you understand what “think” means in that context?

            “Think”…..v to have something as opinion: to believe something, or have something as an opinion
            Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

            You see Ginny I was proposing something, making a proposal, offering an idea/opinion. Now, even if you don’t, I understand that I don’t own the newspaper, that’s why I sent my idea to the editor of the newspaper for his consideration. So at least in the interim you are still safe hiding behind your bush, nothing is being forced upon you, your liberty and freedom remain intact.

            I really thought you might like that part about the photo I.D., but I guess in the end having to own your ridiculous comments proved too much for you. The paid email account would mean the end of your anonymous g-mail account at the Journal so I understand your reluctance on that issue.

            I must admit I love hearing your histrionics about free speech, especially when just a few weeks ago you were all in favor of eliminating the free speech of students, veterans, senior citizens and the homeless at the ballot box. Isn’t it odd how just a few weeks is sufficient to chastise an errant tea bagger? I’m glad you’ve learned your lesson Ginny. I also liked that part about how you know the mind of the people in this “part of the country”, as I recall that’s exactly the line you were peddling before November 6th, 2012. Don’t you ever tire of being wrong, time after time after time?

            Well anyway, I must go to bed now to sleep the sleep of the innocent, but I’ll mark you down as a “no”.

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