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Council agrees to consider church signage

Published 10:59am Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Rev. Tom Peterson approached the council Monday and requested church signage on city street rights-of-way be considered.

According to Peterson, Bethlehem Lutheran Church is difficult to find for some, and the city should consider allowing churches to receive a special exemption to place signage along city streets to help residents and visitors find churches.

Churches provide special services to the community, and those in need of assistance should have an easy way to find churches they’re looking for, he said.

Some council members expressed concern about the exemption. Pat Connelly said entities like daycares and even small businesses would have an argument that they deserve the same privileges.

Jay Cichosz said there are so many churches in the city that clutter might become issue if every church in town decided to put up signs.

The council agreed to consider the idea and look into the way church signage is handled in other cities similar to Fergus Falls.

  • Mark Martenstone

    If you need a sign to find Jesus you are beyond help.

  • Frizzel

    They have this wonderful thing called the internet that supplies an even better tool… googlemaps. For the 2% of people that don’t know how to use the internet, ask directions at the gas station.

  • P. Carlson

    I tried asking at a gas station. He couldn’t read a map and didn’t know what a church was.

    • Mark Martenstone

      I didn’t know that was you Pam. Protip: invest in a razor because bearded ladies aren’t in.

    • Frizzel

      That’s because you were talking to a cardboard cutout next to the soda cans.

  • Richard Olson

    I guess that settles it then, each and every person who works at every gas station can not read a map and doesn’t know what a church is.

    I tried to find a gas station once but couldn’t. So I asked at a Church, they didn’t know how to get to a gas station but told me how to get to Heaven. I just wanted some Marlboros.

    Get real people, if you can’t find a church in Fergus Falls, you’re not looking. Just giggle the change in your pocket and they’ll find you.

  • tomdaniels

    for gods sake (pun intended). who is this really going to hurt if they ok it??? im not a church going man or even a believer, but to many religion is very important and i wouldnt think of trying to quell it. let them have the sign. the rest of you, i will see you in HE double hockey sticks. at least we will know each other lol

  • misspriss

    We couldn’t make an exception for artists, like McDougall, now could we? I seem to remember a little thing about separation of church and state? I’m sure if God wants you to find His House, he’ll help you, with a sign of His own making…thanks

  • Richard Olson

    We already have the “Church of the Assumption” now what some want could be called the “Church of the Exemption”, I mean, why not.

    Churches are already exempted from payment of taxes, they have an exemption from employment laws and just recently an exemption for contraception coverage in their insurance coverage for church employees and church school employees. Also property taxes, sales tax and unemployment taxes.

    Churches have a little “get out of jail free card” called “Ministerial exception” from certain lawsuits by employees and now the “Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School” is asking the Supreme Court to expand that exception to include “Discrimination Lawsuits”.

    Is it any wonder that organizations which have prospered under a sense of entitlement should feel justified in asking the city for another exemption from a law which applies to others?

    Additionally, it seems to me that each and every church in Fergus Falls already has a sign on it’s premises and/or a giant cross, and/or a steeple several stories high. About the only thing they don’t have is those little triangular used car lot flags on a string.

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