Gun permits up over 2011

Published 10:54am Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Otter Tail County Sheriff’s office reports an increase in both concealed carry permits and gun purchase permits over last year.

“There has been a lot of traffic for carry and purchase,” said Sheriff Brian Schlueter.

In 2011, there were 400 concealed carry permits issued. There have been 499 carry permits issued this year through Dec. 19. Purchase permits in 2011 were 356. There have been 470 purchase permits this year issued through Dec. 19.
“There has been quite an influx of applicants, and that will push up those numbers before the end of the year,” Schlueter said.

  • Richard Olson

    Well that’s a great relief. I feel much safer now knowing the character of a few of those cowboys/girls that can now “pack heat” in public.

    One such “packer” has made no secret of her reason “to carry” on Face book…..”because Obama won the election and Obama voters want what’s hers”.

    Just how long will it be before one of those paranoid survivalist receives instructions from outer space or Fox News that he/she is in mortal danger while shopping at the mall because he/she catches a glimpse of glistening steel (or maybe a cell phone) on someone’s pants belt.

    Won’t that be fun? Two concealed carriers laying down a field of hot lead to protect each from the other who is doing the same.

    Last Sunday in Florida a dude with a concealed carry permit shot the guy in front of him in line at Little Caesars Pizza because he didn’t like the victims complaining about the slow service. Before that (again in Florida) a man pumps nine rounds into a automobile with 4 teens who were playing the radio to loud, killing one 17 year old. The shooter later said he “thought he saw a shotgun in the teens car”. Police could not find any weapon.

    Throughout this entire gun debate we still hear some blurt out that more guns are the answer, “if more people had guns there would be fewer people killed.

    One small voice of sanity from a mother in Connecticut. “If a pre-school child hits another child with a rock… the solution is not for every child to have a rock!”

    I also find it more than curious that the same people who a few weeks ago ragged on teachers as incompetent, Socialist overpaid propagandists for Chuck Darwin, now want those same teachers to carry assault style rifles in the classrooms. Go figure!

    • Jake Krohn

      Well, if the showdown takes place at the Westridge Mall, at least we won’t have to worry about anyone getting in the way.

    • Dan

      So True Richard. One questions I would like answer is, “What do you use assault rifles for? You have to remember the second Amendment was writing years ago when we had no assault rifles.

      • holly

        Danny – you must be one of Richard’s mindless followers – your kindergarten-level grammar is a dead giveaway.

  • J Mullins

    Second try to post because this blog is obviously incapable of posting any comment which posits a conservative viewpoint.

    It is comforting to learn that the residents of Ottertail county are arming themselves against the upcoming “transformation of America” by our reelected dictator. And, the supreme leader for life is expoiting the national grief over the savagery of a mentally disordered youth in a school in Connecticut. The dictator is moving to repeal the right of the people to arm themselves against a tyrannical government, and the people are buying guns… while they still may.

    • Richard Olson

      Why would a “dictator” need to be re-elected? Moreover, why would a “dictator need to “move” to repeal anything? How could people still purchase firearms if we are under a dictatorship?

      It appears to me Jerome that you have little if any idea what a “dictator” is. Don’t you think that a reasonable approach would be to re-group, read a few paragraphs about dictators and their power, then come back with something that resembles a coherent thought reduced to writing? (at least in part)

      • Dan

        Richard we have Rush L. and Bill O of fox new. They can be call dictators.

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  • Walt Henry

    There are three reasons why assault weapons are needed in the hands of citizens. 1.They are afraid of their own shadows and need protection from boogiemen. 2.There are Sofa Joes out there who think they’ll jump into gun fight and save the world. 3. There are some who think they will have to take back the country from the government we duly and rightfully elect. (Have you seen how well armed our professional soldiers are? Fat chance someone will out gun their firepower.)

    • holly

      Larry/Walt – your last comment had nothing to do with facts, science, or an accurate understanding of history. Pretty sloppy – you usually aren’t one to make such flippant comments.

      • Walt Henry

        Sigh, if only people would read before making comments they wouldn’t embarrass themselves in public. Had Holly read Jerome’s comment of the need he feels to arm himself against the government of Barack Obama she would know the fact behind my earlier comment in that regard. Secondly, if Holly had anticipated (they were no secret) the comments of the NRA (give Sofa Joe a gun and let him stand inside a school) she would have known the fact behind that comment as well.

  • mightyrebels


  • Erica

    Who listens to Richard anyway? Can you say Charlie Browns teacher! Lol wa wa wa wa wa wa wa. Same mentality as well.. wa wa wa

    • Richard Olson

      “Who listens to Richard anyway?” You do, erica. You read every word I write. If you didn’t you would find no need to follow me around like a little puppy begging for attention.

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  • Erica

    I will admit it is very entertaining to read your comments Richie, you truley are the undisputed winner of the “Dunce” award! Accept it thankfully and wear your hat proudly!!

    • Richard Olson

      Your jealously and envy of my literary skills is expected and reasonable even for someone suffering through the fog of ignorance and delusion. It won’t get better Holly just accept your station and move on. Who knows you may find a shiny rock that will hold your attention for a year or two.

      • Dan

        The only thing Holly can say is to criticize everyone. She still haven’t answer my question. Why does a person need a AR15 assault rifle.

  • Erica

    So the question is of “need” for these terrifying weapons. An assault rife is no more deadly than any other weapon with a high capacity magazine.. Even BB guns are readily available with high capacity magazines. A weapon is not deadlier just because it has a “military” look. Collectors, hunters, and target shooters use these in sport. It’s called a hobby..what you want to regulate is common sense and stupidity.. Do we “need” Corvettes?? A Chevy Cruze gets better milage and isn’t capable of 160 plus MPH, so BAN them!! Collectors, sport enthusiasts and mid life crisis people enjoy the hobby! Driving 180 mph and killing a family is back on common sense and stupidity.. New York banned large soft drinks. Guess the government thinks they know how thirsty I am. Obesity Kills , so regulate me who isn’t.. Thanks..Vehicles Kill, so regulate my choices to a Prius, Alcohol Kills, so ban it!!! Ohh yeah, they tried that game once! Lmao It’s the LACK OF COMMON SENSE AND STUPIDITY ACTUALLY THAT KILLS!! Lets ban stupid people and contain them , what?, it’s only a different amendment to wipe away, who cares!?!? Of course if we addressed the true problem Richard and his Kindergarten Question’iers would obviously be the firsts ones rounded up for a ride on the Socialism Short Bus! It must be terrifying for them to live in so much fear!!They have medication for that Richard, no wait, that Kills thousands too! Ban It! I truly hope you shut off the Media and try just once to create your own thoughts…….

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