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We must find solutions to energy issues [UPDATED]

Published 10:04am Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Updated 12:07pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wade Underwood, I was wondering what you people were smoking or drinking when you were floating down the Otter Tail River and imagining all the things that you were seeing.

How long ago was this any away? You should check all of your facts before writing about it in the paper.

One of the facts you should check is how reliable wind power is and what happens when the heat in the summer or deep cold sets in and the wind stops. Then what do you think happens to the power grid? What do you think the people in charge of the grid have to do to replace hundreds or thousands of mega watts of electricity. instead of dreaming about what you and your friends think you saw.

Why not look into how old our power grid system is and what needs to be done to rebuild it to handle the new sources of power coming on to the system wind, gas power plants or solar, and let’s not forget nuclear power that everyone is opposed to. Now quit dreaming and help find solutions to the problems.


Gene Bogenreif


  • J Mullins

    Unfortunately, the liberal mind is unwilling to consider facts and science, and must rely on fantasy and imagination. Hence, all discussions about energy generation bounce off the libs as “obfuscation”, or “denial”, or “greed”. It is futile to engage lib theologies with reason, logic, and facts.

    But, nice try, Gene.

    • Richard Olson

      WHAT?……Alright who are you and what have you done with the person usually posing as Jerome Mullins?

      A certified, fossilized, flat earth, tea bagging, conservative who believes in talking snakes, accusing a Liberal of being “unwilling to consider facts and science”? That’s rich! What’s next, Holly making a lucid comment?

      • holly

        As usual, you add nothing to the discussion.

        • Richard Olson


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