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Freedom of speech is under attack [UPDATED]

Published 9:22am Thursday, January 3, 2013 Updated 11:25am Thursday, January 3, 2013

I have titled this article, “The Freedom of Speech is Under Attack” — and with good reason. On Jan. 1 of 2013, I was issued a citation for disorderly conduct for exercising my Right of Free Speech.

On the sidewalk, holding a Gadsden flag, I spoke out against the Abortion Holocaust and in defense of the Right to Life. I also spoke in defense of Liberty and in defense of the U.S. Constitution, in general. Later that evening two armed police arrived at my door and asked if they could come in.

Knowing my Rights (Bill of Rights: Amendment Four), I did not let them in (By the way, if police ask you to open the trunk of your car —you have the right to say “No” a true patriot and peace officer informed me and others of this truth, God Bless Him.

You also have the right, under the fourth amendment, to refuse a body search and body scan at the airport, or anywhere else, as they are illegally doing so to others — any unconstutional “law” is not valid.

You also have the right to refuse any other search of body, or property, or even to give out information, including name and address — Just say no). The police wanted to talk — I didn’t (and by the way, you don’t have to either, under any circumstance. It’s your right.)

Though I did tell them my protests and that they ought to join Oath Keepers. They then handed me a citation for “Disorderly Conduct” (already prepared) — obviously, somebody didn’t like what I had to say.

Be that as it may, a person, agree, or disagree, has the Right to Speak their mind. That goes for the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street (The OWS movement — who also flew Gadsden flags, by the way), or anyone else. The violation of one person’s rights is the violation of everybody’s rights.

As Americans it is time we stop denying the truth ( that the government is performing illegal activities), and that we stop making excuses for them. Let us instead Reclaim Our Rights and Reclaim Our Republic (you swore an Oath to Our Republic every day in grade school, remember?).

As Americans we should all be concerned when the Freedom of Speech is taken to trial. When the Rights of one are violated, the Rights of all are violated. Regardless of what courts say, I know the Constitution (pretty well, at least) and my rights under Natural Law. Needless to say, that very night, I went back to that very same spot and continued to exercise my God-given Right to Free Speech. Please pray that this Right may be upheld, and that the American people are granted Courage to stand for Liberty, the Constitution, and Our God-given Rights.

That we will not be intimidated — by anyone to give up our Rights. God Bless the American Republic. God bless the Constitution and those who truly defend it. And God bless the Oath Keepers. Stand up for your Rights — you will be standing up for the Rights of us all.

By the Grace of God, Stand, Fight, and Persevere. Your Children’s freedom depends on it. You’ve got nothing to hide and therefore, the government (police or otherwise) has no right to search you, spy on you, or come into your home — often they’re looking for trouble (literally, they try to find trouble — or create it). We need more Oath Keepers. Stand up for your Right to Privacy, it’s there to protect our freedom.

You’re not a slave, you’re not a prisoner, the government is not your parents and you ar not their child. You are a Free Man. You are the Resistance. Stand ‘76


Joshua Lake

Fergus Falls

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