Area man busted for 250 fish over limit

Published 11:25am Monday, January 28, 2013

A conservation officer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recently netted an angler with nearly 250 fish more than the legal limit.

CO Shane Osborne of Evansville met up with Ronald Wayne Johnson, 69, of Carlos, as he was about to pull his portable fish house off West Spitzer Lake in Otter Tail County.

“I asked how the fishing was and he said he caught some fish, but it wasn’t that great,” Osborne said. When asked if he had any fish at home, Johnson said he wasn’t sure.

“He then asked if I thought he had too many fish,” Osborne said. “I said I wouldn’t know that until I counted all of the fish he had. He said I could follow him home and check.”

When Osborne visited Johnson’s home, along with CO Mitch Lawler of Alexandria, they found 22 frozen half-gallon cardboard containers, six plastic bags and several loose fish and fish filets. The cache totaled 228 sunfish, seven bass and six northern pike, more than the legal limit. The fish restitution value is $1,560.

Thanks to an overlimit law that took effect in March 2003, the suspect, if convicted, forfeits his or her fishing license for three years. The person also faces up to $3,000 in fines and one year in jail.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in Douglas County Court in February.

Anyone witnessing a fishing or wildlife violation is encouraged to contact the nearest conservation officer, law enforcement agency or the toll-free Turn In Poacher (TIP) hotline at 800-652-9093. Also, #TIP is available to most cell phone users in Minnesota.

People should contact the Minnesota State Patrol or a DNR area or regional office for the name and phone number of a conservation officer in their area.

  • P. Carlson

    Since he is so far over the limit on sunfish, bass, and northern, he should get over the limit on jail and fines. He should also lose his license for more than 3 years. If someone needs an extra fish to feed his family when down and out, I say fine, but no one needs a year supply of fish in his freezer at one time.

  • drbellows

    Pam, join the world on a reality break. I’m surprised you didn’t blame “DRUGS” like you do on every other comment you’ve made in the last four years. OVER THE LIMIT on jail and fines? Does the Constitution mean nothing to you? Bill of Rights? Cruel and Unusual Punishment? You offend me!

  • Jeff R

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.. Teach a man to fish and…

    Well, you know what happens!
    Darn chinese and their proverbs!
    Pam, you wanna line them all up togther or?

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