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Fick sets the UPA record with 375 lbs.

Published 11:01am Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hunter Fick, a sophomore at Ashby High School, competed in the United Powerlifting Associations (UPA) “Winter Heat” in Burnsville, MN. This was a full power competition, meaning the back squat, bench press, and dead lift or a choice of any of the three could be attempted. Hunter chose to lift in the bench press portion of the meet. The competition was held at the Southside Bully Gym. There were 19 lifters competing.

Rules of the meet are as follows: Each lifter must be a registered member of the UPA. Lifters shall wear a singlet and if lifting in the RAW (ungeared) division may use wrist wraps only for support. Three judges officiate each attempt. Three incremental attempts are performed pending each lift is successful. The bar shall be lowered to the chest, remain motionless, and a press command is given. After the press, a rack command is presented and the lift is considered complete. This was a substance free event and drug tests were performed. Head official was Greg Damminga, director of the meet was Scott Nutter.

Hunters first attempt was 145 kg (319 lbs), the lift was successful. The second attempt was 155 kg (341 lbs), the lift was successful. The final attempt was 170 kg (375 lbs), the lift was successful. The final lift secured the new American Bench Press Record for 16-17 yr olds in the 182-198 lb class. The young Ashby football player and WCAAE wrestler obliterated the old mark by 127 lbs! Hunter placed first in all teens competing and had the 4th overall best bench in open class. About the lift Hunter states…”I enjoy doing something a little out of the ordinary, I enjoy competing with these extraordinary people. Some of these guys press over 500 lbs. For me, when I hear you can’t, that means to me if I try harder I can. When I heard my AC-DC music start backstage I just felt good. It was a good lift but I’m shooting for much more.” Hunter’s lift off partner was father/strength coach, Kevin Fick. A surprise in the crowd was great-uncle and hunting companion Norman Fisher.

After setting two National and American records; and three State records in three months Hunter will take a short break from the power-lifting scene to focus on and complete wrestling season. It takes an incredible amount of energy to try to keep up with both at the same time. The wrestling wears the mass off, the lifter tries hard to put the mass back on. That doesn’t mean lack of gym time, just a different style of training. Hunter will compete next in May at the Twin Ports Open in Duluth. This will be a USAPL sanctioned event.

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