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President should be called by respectful title

Published 9:53am Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Updated 11:54am Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Has anyone else noticed on TV and radio the national correspondents address our president as Mr. Obama instead of President Obama?

Why is that? Former presidents are addressed as Mr. President. Why is that?

Is this a color thing? A president is our president no matter what color he or she is.


Dave Thompson

Fergus Falls

  • J Mullins

    Perhaps Ayatollah 0bama or Supreme Leader for Life 0bama would be more appropriate?

    • Richard Olson

      Haw Haw Gawfa Jerome, dat deris a gud un. Aw be remering dat un to tel maw when she git back from der still.

  • Walt Henry

    There are those who wonder why there is so little respect for teachers and other professionals in our society today; respect for the profession if not for the professional used to be something we taught and respected. I am not one of those who wonders; it’s comments like the first…..

  • camobabe

    Imam 0′Bogus?

  • Richard Olson

    America is in a race to the bottom of the barrel. That effort is led and encouraged by those who hate science, thus their hatred of teachers and those elitists who can read something other than the label on a can of Skoal ready cut. The hatred of President Obama is racism pure and simple. Most racists know they can’t call the President the “N” word (save tea party gatherings) so they revert to code words like “Ayatollah Obama” to infer to the weak minded that he is a Muslim or “Supreme Leader for Life” part of the title used by the leaders of communist North Korea. Imam O’Bogus is just another low life attempt to make the President a Muslim.

    This letter has served one excellent purpose, that of giving closet racists an opportunity to display their restricted vocabulary and the chance to voluntarily set themselves aside from the rest of polite society.

    Time was when fellow travelers of that ilk wore white peaked masks to hide their identity here they use phony usernames.

  • markcasper

    Calling the President(Mr.) at times in news stories is common in the media. I don’t know when this changed and I agree that they should always be called Mr.President out of respect fot the office. The same was done going back to Ronald Reagan is when I first noticed it, and continued through Clinton and both Bush’s. Nothing whatever to do with racism.

    Apologies to those who look for racism in every nook and cranny, but no luck, not this time. Let me point out that disagreeing with the current President is not racist its an opinion and anyone is free to have one. For now.

    • Richard Olson

      When President George Bush had a position on an issue and President Obama has the very same position, and conservatives loved it when Bush was for it and hate the same idea when Obama had it….the only thing that has changed is the color of the presidents skin……that’s racism. Dress it up anyway you wish, it’s still racism.

      “The same was done going back to Ronald Reagan is when I first noticed it, and continued through Clinton and both Bush’s. Nothing whatever to do with racism.”
      Of course not, none of them were Black!

      When public figures like Sarah Palin said this President was using “Shuck and Jive” do you think she would have said the same thing about a white man? Get real!

      When tea bagger politicians use photos of President Obama eating watermelon or hanging in a tree with a chicken drumstick in his hand do you think they didn’t mean it as racism.

      Anyone who can’t see the racism employed against President Obama doesn’t want to see it and refuses to acknowledge it when they see it or just may agree with it.

      • Richard Olson

        I remember a tea party rally (which featured prominently on Fox News and only Fox news) a Romney supporter was wearing a tee-shirt which said “There is a reason they call it the White House”. Now this racist doesn’t make every Romney supporter a racist, but when Fox News airs it in a nearly endless loop the reason behind it is racism.

  • camobabe

    Curly/Larry, enough with the this racist garbage, especially with regard to “shucking and jiving”. I heard that phrase in the Marine Corps as long ago as 1983 when my Drill Sergeant used it to jump on a couple of (white) recruits who were giggling and hippity hop dancing while standing security guard. It is commonly used in the military to label a lackadaisical attitude toward your assigned duties, inattention to your work, dissembling when you are ordered to account for yourself,and like many other military originated phrases (three sheets to the wind,Navy; A-OK, Military aviation and NASA) it has been in use for decades to label unsatisfactorily careless or whimsical or give a hoot attitudes and performance.

    You lefties just call any valid and factual criticism of 0bama’s actions and policies to be “racist” in order to avoid having to answer to the accusation itself.

    • Richard Olson

      Well Ginny I guess you didn’t watch General Clayton Powel’s comments on his and your political party on that very subject. As a matter of fact he referenced some of the very words you used above to back away from racism. Here’s the thing about racism Ginny, it doesn’t matter what you think of the code words you use to demean people, what matters is how they are perceived by the target.
      By the way Ginny General Powel is Black, so it doesn’t surprise me that you are unaware of his comments.

      That your standards are a comparison to an 80’s drill Sergeant says more about you and your vocabulary than your ability to grasp reality.

      By the way exactly what “policy” of the President were you “factually and validly” criticizing when you called him “Imam O’Bogus”?

      • camobabe

        I am 100,000 tomes more likely to believe what a USMC sergeant says than anything spewing from the mouth of Supreme Leader for Life B H 0bama.

        • Richard Olson

          I guess we can conclude from your lack of an answer, that you have absolutely no idea what policy of the Presidents you were pretending to criticize when you called him “Imam O’Bogus”. I just love it when you prove me correct.

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