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Video games are an easy target for blame

Published 10:03am Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Updated 12:05pm Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who is to blame for the tragic shooting at the school that killed 26 people recently?

Some say it is the way the shooter was brought up at home. Others put the blame on videos on TV or stuff they see on their cell phones.

The video games, some are scored by the player who kills the most people or who destroys the most property.


Dave Thompson

Fergus Falls

  • Richard Olson

    “Who is to blame for the tragic shooting at the school that killed 26 people recently?”
    The answer is Adam Lanza. Who is to blame for making it so easy for Adam Lanza to kill so many people so quickly? The answer is the leadership of the NRA and the gun manufacturers they represent. The blame also lies at the feet of timid politicians who can always find reasons to restrict the rights of voters, women, labor and the environment. But can’t find the courage to stand up to the leadership of the NRA

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