Education: This is the information age

Published 10:30am Monday, February 4, 2013 Updated 12:32pm Monday, February 4, 2013

We sent men to the moon 40 years ago, we split the atom 67 years ago, we have had the industrial age and the assembly line for over a century, we made computers affordable 35 years ago, we built the internet in the 1990′s.

Our economy is built on free enterprise, competition, increasing productivity, reducing costs while raducing quality.

We spend more on education and receive lower results than other industrialized countries.

Does anyone see anything puzzling here?

Our schools teach reading, writing, speaking and grammar so we can form our ideas clearly. But we still communicate “at” not “with” each other. Look at Congress. They debate instead of discuss. Every option has trade offs and we should look at all relevant information and not just what supports our own opinion.

We cannot intelligently discuss any issue. Understanding an issue must come before we can compare tradeoffs. Else we end up dysfunctional like Congress.


Michael Toso

Oklahoma City, Okla.

  • Walt Henry

    Many believe we are all created the same; we are equal but we are NOT the same. As the influence of those of different parts of the world and the cultures from places other than Western Europe increase we just might need to rethink how we teach and how much we pay for it.

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