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FF gas prices surge to $3.58 per gallon

Published 11:02am Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gas prices are continuing to rise in Fergus Falls.

Fergus Falls gas stations posted prices of $3.589 per gallon Wednesday, up from $3.50 per gallon on Feb. 12 and up nearly 20 percent since early January, when prices were below $3 per gallon.

Fergus Falls’ gas prices are just one cent lower than the national average of $3.598 per gallon, and seven cents below the statewide average of $3.66.

  • camobabe

    How long before the 0bama White House releases the information that “it’s all George Bush’s fault?”

    Don’t count on this info deterring Marx Dayton and his fellow tax and spend DFL from pushing through their new increases in the tax on gasoline. Add roughly 18 cents per gallon after they finish their dirty work.

  • Jay Carraway

    I’m going to finish the story for the Journal. Gas prices are going up BECAUSE of a rise in crude oil prices and refinary outages. Diesal fuel prices are up due to higher demand of exports. Prices are still lower than that of 2012.—– Daily Journal, don’t be lazy and tell your readers why.

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