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Sunday liquor sales unnecessary

Published 9:26am Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Updated 11:27am Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With six days a week in which to purchase liquor, one has to wonder why it would necessary to buy alcohol on Sundays.

While the state legislature ponders whether to allow such sales, we have to step up and say please don’t allow it.

According to various websites, alcohol is a contributing factor in four most-commonly committed crimes: minor possession, open container, public intoxication and DWI, obviously the most serious of the four. And one site said that alcohol was a factor in 40 percent — or nearly half of all violent crimes.

We know that eliminating the sale of alcohol all together simply breeds new crimes and really isn’t a logical option these days.

From an economic standpoint, muninciple liquor stores aren’t necessarily going to sell more alcohol than they do in six days, and they will incur expenses associated with being open — paying staff hours, lights, etc. However, with six days to purchase alcohol, and given the crime statistics and economic impact locally, we doubt it’s necessary to offer liquor an additional day.


  • J Mullins

    Ponder even the question of why most MN liquor stores are monopolies, as publicly owned revenue generators. Because the municipal liquor stores do not have to compete in price or service, they charge more than a store just a few minutes away in Wahpeton or Fargo.

    If private ownership of liquor stores were permitted, it would be up to the owners to set their hours (and days) of operation. And, the consumer could choose where to buy depending on cost, service, and choice.

    • Walt Henry

      What the heck are you talking about? Sunday liquor sales are currently controlled by state law not the free market. That’s what the current discussions in St. Paul are about. And Jerome, most liquor stores in Minnesota are not, repeat NOT owned by municipalities–you need to get out more! You’re forming your opinion on too small a sample size. There’s a great big world outside of your eyes and ears.

      BTW–Today, Michelle Bachmann the leader of the Tea Party caucus said, with her vote, violence against women is AOK. She too can’t see past her own eyelashes.

  • Richard Olson

    It’s a super secret Socialist conspiracy Jerome. One of Karl Marx greatest theory’s was that by forcing those consuming alcohol to plan ahead they (the Marxists) could take over the world on Sunday morning when all real Americans were hung-over and forgot where they put their guns.

    • holly

      As usual, Richard, you add nothing to the discussion. You are practicing your “right to be stupid” – John Kerry is right about guys like you. Your snarky and sarcastic comments fall far short, which is not surprising for an old man troll like you.

      • Richard Olson

        Hey Holly,I saw a photo of you on another site, you’re the one who looks like a troll.

        • holly

          Yes I saw it – and you put it there, just like you put it there a month ago, and a month before that.

  • mgs1170

    Using this same logic, could not the liquor stores move as much booze being open 5 days intead of six? Four even?

    It just makes sense from a profitability perspective to be open as MUCH as possible, to be able to move as much product as you can. Economics 101.

    From what I understand, the two stores in Fergus Falls have some of the highest sale rates in the state, and the arguement is that another full day of sales WON’T amount to profit?
    Here’s an idea, take a look at the C-Stores around town and their beer sales on Sunday, if you don’t believe me.

  • mgs1170

    One more point,
    12 states continue to arbitrarily cling to prohibition-era “blue laws” banning Sunday liquor sales. They include: Alabama, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia.

    12, out of 50.

  • concerned

    it’s obvious nonsense like this that breeds contempt for Govt. and the local press.
    we’re not just meat with eyes here, you can’t just spit in our faces and convince us its raining

  • concerned

    the only people these Sunday bans are affecting are the tax payers and the normal drinker, the problem drinkers aka the ones committing crimes, plan ahead and stock up. normal people would still buy beer on Sundays, like they do in the bars on game days and such. We don’t need this dictated parenting from out local Govt.

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