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Millard, Otter boys scold Cardinals 70-60, advance to Section final [UPDATED]

Published 7:46pm Monday, March 11, 2013 Updated 3:25pm Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Otters start off the game with a Austin Rund trey. After a missed shot, the Fergus Falls boys cash in with a bucket by all-time scorer Mike Millard.

The Cardinals respond with a bucket, but Reece Johnson hits an easy bunny to keep the Otters on a roll. John Vogeler responds with a drive to the hoop for two

Millard shows that his shoulder issue is not bugging him as he puts another two in the hoop. Alot of back and forth play with no results as we near the 12 minute mark.

Millard is able to work his magic against the 6’8 Logan Doyle for his sixth point of the half. The Cardinals look like they have butter on their fingers as they have a hard time controlling the ball and turn it over.

After an Cardinal timeout, Drew Pearson cashes in a three pinter as the Otters run a loose full court man-to-man defense. Doyle is fouled by Reinertson under the rim and attempts to shoot two. Doyle hits both as the Cardinals defense comes out in a full court press.

The Otters nearly see a 10 second half court violation, but dish the ball underneath as he skips by Doyle for a bunny. Alexandria can’t convert, but the Otters foul on their turn down the court and the Cardinals retain.

Brandon Bistodeau breaks the scoring drought for both teams as he has an and one chance for the Cardinals. He misses the free throw as Millard pulls down the board. Johnson is called for a offensive foul and Fergus turns the ball over.

Krivanek hits a momentum changing three and the Cardinals are now within five points of the Otters. Rund hits a beautiful turn around j as the Otters regain a little bit of their lead. After an Alex miss, Millard converts another basket.

Another missed bucket by Alexandria and the Otters seem to be rolling. Millard looks to sneak under Doyle, but Doyle gets a good chunk of Millard’s arm and sends him to the line. Millard converts both shots.

Millard with a steal. The kid is playing like Adrian Peterson after the injury, he really wants the win tonight. The Otters loose the ball and Alexandria will get a chance down court.

Krivanek does it again with the three ball and cuts the lead to seven. Big Joe Gaworski gets on the board with a tuck and roll. Cardinals use an illegal screen and we see the first appearance of Isaiah Lemke in tonight’s game.

Millard is just owning the competition as he now has an and one chance. Millard makes the free throw and the Otters are up 13. Cardinal star player Doyle has been limited to the bench as he has two fouls.

Not many breaks in the action as neither coach wants to disrupt the flow. Millard picks up another rebound, but the Otters can not follow through on their turn down.

Lemke misses a one and one chance. The illness looks to maybe affecting his follow through. The Cardinals find the bucket as Joe Gorghuber gets an easy bucket. Otters turn it over and Alex converts a fast break.

Millard makes another amazing and slippery shot to keep the Otters up by double digits. Alexandria responds with a minute remaining, but Rund quickly puts a post up layup in.

A foul is called on Vogeler, sending Jackson McAllister to the line for a one and one. McAllister makes the first, but bounces the second off the rim. The Cardinals are looking to get out of the half with minimum damage. Alexandria gets a bucket and leaves at the break down 32-22 to the Otters

HALF TIME STATS: Mike Millard 14 points, Austin Rund 7

ALEX: Logan Doyle 2 points, 2 blocks

HALF TIME REPORT: The Fergus Falls Otters are playing like a number one seed in the game. The Cardinals will really need to pick it up in the second half and look for them to do that by using Doyle in the low post.

Fergus will need to keep giving the Cardinals a steady dose of the inside-outside look as the threat of three pointers by Pearson, Rund and McAllister still looms in the back of the Cardinals mind.

The teams return to the court ready to go for the second half. Otters start with the ball in the half. Millard looses the ball and Krivanek runs coast to coast for a bucket.

Fergus slowing it down and after a back and forth, McAllister hits a transition floater from the top of the key. Coach Rund is asking for more intensity.

Austin Rund pulls a Dikembe Mutumbo on Gorghuber. No, no, no. The Otters are forgetting to box out, but the Cardinals loose the ball and Fergus gets it back.

Nice give and go between Johnson and Rund as the Otters have found their mojo. The double teaming of Doyle has prove beneficial as he turns it over.

Doyle blocks a Johnson attempt, but Millard sneaks under for another bucket. The Cardinals score a two point basket after a timeout. The Otters miss on their possession down the court and Rund is called for a fould as Gorghuber shoots two. After a miss and a make, the Otters go down court where Millard is fouled hard. No flagrant but definitely testing the limits.

Otters working on the under the rim inbound. Doyle with another block and the ball is going the Cardinals way. Otters running a modified press. McAllister called for a shooting fould and it sends Ted Deitz to the line. Deitz makes one of two as Millard pulls the board.

Millard pulls up in the lane and is fouled. Millard makes the second of two shots and the Otters are trying to stretch this out of reach with 12 minutes to play. Doyle with a hook shot, but it does not go.

Johnson subs in for Millard as Gaworski senaks in for a easy basket. Travel by the Cardinals gives the ball back to Fergus.

Rund finds a quick bunny, but Vogeler responds with a three ball. Rund picks up his third foul on the following trip down as they pressure the Alexandria offense.

It is literally an all or nothing game for the Cardinals as they keep pushing the ball to Doyle with little avail. Johnson fouls Doyle as the star hits both shots.

The Otters look in need of a timeout as they constantly are fumbling the ball. After a questionable call, Alexandria head coach Forrest Witt is T’d up.

Pearson misses the first of two, but converts the second as the Otters take possession. Neither team is holding onto the ball as the Otters take possession. Doyle with his fifth block by my count on Millard. Doyle is called for a reach in on Millard and the Otters will look to push it underneath again.

Doyle blocks Millard again and McAllister is hung with his third foul on a blocking foul on Doyle. The Otters are in foul trouble as they are in bonus with under nine minutes remaining.

Doyle picks up his fourth foul and sends Millard to the line. Doyle checks out as Millard hits his first. Millard hits his second and gives the Otters a 13 point lead.

Vogeler nails a three from the parking lot. Millard called for a foul. Millard pushed out of bounds after a rebound. Alexandria fans looked stunned as they may have deja vu from Friday.

Millard shoots a one and one. Millard makes the first as the Cardinals look to push, but Vogeler turns it over and McAllister puts it in for a two. Otters playing a little clock ball as Reinertson is fouled and sent to the line for a one and one.

Reinertson hits the first and Alex’s Doyle checks back in the game with six minutes to play. After a missed free throw, Rund fouls Doyle and picks up his fourth foul.

Doyle hits one of two as the Otters hold an 11 point lead. Millard with another two as the Alex defense breaks down. Bistodeau hits a three and brings the game back to 10 point deficit for the Cardinals.

Timeout Otters. The Cardinals come out in a press look as there is four and half minutes remaining. Rund calls a timeout as the Alexandria defense stifles McAllister around half court.

Back to the action, Rund sneaks a bucket on what was thought to be a steal for Alex. Millard blocks a shot but forgets to dribble the ball back down court. An Alexandria miss and a foul on Rund, sends the junior to a line.

Rund hits the first shot and the second. To put the Otters up by 14. A three point foul on Vogeler allows the sharp shooter three free chances. Vogeler converts all three as the press is on.

The Otters back to clock management as Reece Johnson puts in a two after about 45 seconds. Vogeler responds with another three down court to cut the lead to 10.

The Otters with a YMCA setup, but McAllister turns the ball over. After a crafting steal by Pearson on Doyle, Millard is fouled for a shot. Millard misses the first but nails the second. Alexandria throws the ball away on miscomunication as there is under two minutes to play.

Doyle fouls Rund for his final foul as he exits the game. From a spectator standpoint it is nearly all but over. Rund hits both shots and Coach Rund calls a timeout.

The rivalry continues between these two dominant Central Lakes Conference teams. Coach Witt looks steamed and Doyle is stuck on the bench in the waning minutes of the game.

Reinertson is called for his fourth foul and the Cardinals will shoot a double bonus. Bistodeau hits both and McAllister travels on the Otters trip down.

Millard plays skip to my lou with the ball as the Cardinals retain. McAllister is called for his fourth foul and sends Gorghuber to the line.

Millard throws down a slam dunk!!! The crowd is on their feet! as the Otters are looking to seal the game. Millard fouled after a quick Cardinal shot and shoots two. Millard converts both.

Cardinals make a quick bunny and Rund calls a timeout after pressure from the Cardinal D.

Listening to club hits of the 90s at Nemzek Arena while we wait for the Otters and Cardinals to take the floor. The Otters in bound the ball and Lemke is fouled. He makes the second of two free throws as the Otters hold a 12 point lead with 45 seconds to play.

Gorghuber hits a and one layup as Gaworski is tagged with the foul. Gorghuber hits a bucket and Lemke is fouled and sent to the line again. He converts the first bucket and ices the second.

McAllister tips the in bounds pass as the Cardinals push it up court. Brady Hansen makes his presence known as he steals the ball for a fast break layup. Alex hits a three, but the clocks runs out as the Otters win 70-60.


Final Stats: Millard 29 points, Rund 9

Alex: Doyle 7 points, 6 blocks


That’s it folks and we will see you Wednesday afternoon at the Fergus Falls Girls State playoff game beginning at 4 p.m. at Williams Arena.

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