REVIEW AND COMMENT, FF School Construction Project Proposal

Published 12:31pm Thursday, March 14, 2013

(First Publication March 15, 2013)
A review and comment must be provided on a school district construction
project proposal before the district conducts a referendum, solicit bids, or
issues bonds for the project. A project proposal has been submitted for
review and comment according to requirements set forth in Minn. Stat. §
123B.71, subdivisions 9 and 10, and § 123B.72. The district provided the
following information:
1) the geographic area and population to be served, preschool through
grade 12 student enrollments for the past five years, and student enrollment
projections for the next five years;
(2) a list of existing facilities by year constructed, their uses, and an
assessment of the extent to which alternate facilities are available within the
school district boundaries and in adjacent school districts;
(3) a list of the specific deficiencies of the facility that demonstrate the need
for a new or renovated facility to be provided, and a list of the specific
benefits that the new or renovated facility will provide to the students,
teachers, and community users served by the facility;
(4) the relationship of the project to any priorities established by the school
district, educational cooperatives that provide support services, or other
public bodies in the service area;
(5) a description of the pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections between
the school and nearby residential areas that make it easier for children,
teachers, and parents to get to the school by walking, bicycling, and taking
(6) a specification of how the project maximizes the opportunity for
cooperative use of existing park, recreation, and other public facilities and
whether and how the project will increase collaboration with other
governmental or nonprofit entities;
(7) a description of the project, including the specification of site and outdoor
space acreage and square footage allocations for classrooms, laboratories,
and support spaces; estimated expenditures for the major portions of the
project; and the dates the project will begin and be completed;
(8) a specification of the source of financing the project; the scheduled date
for a bond issue or school board action; a schedule of payments, including
debt service equalization aid; and the effect of a bond issue on local property
taxes by the property class and valuation;
(9) an analysis of how the proposed new or remodeled facility will affect
school district operational or administrative staffing costs, and how the
district’s operating budget will cover any increased operational or
administrative staffing costs;
(10) a description of the consultation with local or state transportation
officials on multimodal school site access and safety issues, and ways the
project will address those issues;
(11) a description of how indoor air quality issues have been considered and
a certification that the architects and engineers designing the facility will
have professional liability insurance;
(12) as required under section 123B.72, for buildings coming into service
after July 1, 2002, a certification that the plans and designs for the
extensively renovated or new facility’s heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning systems will meet or exceed code standards; will provide for the
monitoring of outdoor airflow and total airflow of ventilation systems; and will
provide an indoor air quality filtration system that meets ASHRAE standard
(13) a specification of any desegregation requirements that cannot be met
by any other reasonable means;
(14) a specification of how the facility will utilize environmentally sustainable
school facility design concepts;
(15) a description of how the architects and engineers have considered the
American National Standards Institute Acoustical Performance Criteria,
Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools of the maximum
background noise level and reverberation times; and
(16) any existing information from the relevant local unit of government about
the cumulative costs to provide infrastructure to serve the school, such as
utilities, sewer, roads, and sidewalks.
The Fergus Falls Independent School District 544 is proposing
improvements and additions to the existing athletic facilities at the Kennedy
Secondary School site.
The proposed project will include an expanded parking lot; two softball fields;
three practice football/ soccer fields; a competition football/ soccer field; an
eight-lane track; facilities for concessions, toilets, and grounds maintenance;
and bleacher seating. The proposed total budget for this project is not to
exceed $5,475,000, including the cost of bond issuance, and will be financed
by the sale of 20-year bonds pending voter approval on April 2, 2013.
Based upon the Department’s analysis of the school district’s required
documentation and other pertinent information from sources of the
Department of Education, the Commissioner of Education is providing a
positive review and comment on this project.
Persons desiring additional information regarding this proposal should
contact the school district superintendent’s office.
Dr. Brenda Cassellius
March 12, 2013
Publication Date: March 15, 2013

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