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Summerfest will be at RTC again

Published 11:02am Friday, March 15, 2013

Piggybacking off last year’s success and positive feedback, the 2013 SummerFest will once again be held at the Regional Treatment Center grounds on the north end of Fergus Falls.

“We received a lot of positive feedback from the community,” said Tim Brinkman, SummerFest committee member. “So that was probably our No. 1 reason. I hadn’t heard a single negative comment about it being up there. People enjoyed it there.”

The organizational group decided it wanted to use the RTC for a second year in a row for SummerFest (June 7-8) for a few reasons, including the feedback, added space and potential for festival expansion.

All the green space with the trees and grass around the RTC grounds was certainly a plus last year, “versus the pavement and asphalt downtown,” Brinkman said.

SummerFest had previously been held downtown and on the M State-Fergus Falls campus.

“The RTC grounds was an obvious choice for us,” Brinkman said.

Along with a different outdoor atmosphere, the RTC offered added space, ample parking and a chance for more activities and more entertainment.

Last year, SummerFest expanded its hours on Friday afternoon when it started up at 3 p.m. This year, they’re taking it a step further and kicking off the festivities at noon, resulting in more entertainment that day as well. That larger time frame is important, Brinkman said, because now they’re able to make SummerFest into almost a two-day event (rather than basically one day downtown).

“It really opens up that extra day,” Brinkman said. “And having the potential to do more events and have a better street dance and a better overall festival.”

Everything can also be all in one place, instead of broken up along various downtown streets and being in such a constrained environment, Brinkman said.

“It’s just a good overall fit for the community event that we’re trying to hold,” Brinkman said.

SummerFest is filled with activities designed for all ages, including a number of children’s activities, crafters, music, food and more. The event is free and open to the public.

The Public Works and Safety Committee unanimously approved a recommendation at its meeting Wednesday for the use of the RTC grounds for the event.

For more information about SummerFest, visit

  • nanajean

    That is one of the best things to happen in this city. Much more comfortable for vendors and visitors alike!!

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