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Facility referendum is also about safety [UPDATED]

Published 9:25am Friday, March 22, 2013 Updated 11:36am Friday, March 22, 2013

On Tuesday, April 2, I encourage everyone to vote YES on the Fergus Falls Public Schools’ Outdoor Facilities Bond Referendum. For me, this is all about ensuring we have the safest facilities available for our kids and fans and give everyone in the community more opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

As a softball coach for 16 years I have been traveling out to Delagoon regularly for practices and games. Every day, I worry about the safety of kids in cars traveling out there on their own. Many of the kids are not of the age to drive themselves out to the park, so finding reliable transportation for them is difficult. Most of the time this means multiple kids are driving out in one vehicle, raising the risks for everyone.

We also struggle with the fact that we have no place out there for the kids to change clothes because there are no locker rooms.

Even worse, in scary weather with lighting or high winds/tornados, there is nowhere to go for shelter. This is a problem for both our athletes and our fans.

The Bond Referendum will change all of that, and it will also extend an easy access for people to come out and watch an activity or event, which is something that has also been a problem in the past.

As a Health and P.E. teacher in the District, I can tell you that the extra green space and facilities will benefit all of our Otter students in leading a healthy life style.

You should also remember that these facilities are for everyone, not just the students.

I often see members of the community using our school green spaces, and it makes me proud to live in a community with a focus on wellness and a commitment to providing quality outdoor facilities to be enjoyed by all.

Join with me in voting YES and renew that commitment.


Renee Erickson

Fergus Falls

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