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Readers are against bond referendum [UPDATED]

Published 10:07am Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Updated 12:10pm Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I’m against it

Am I the only one to notice the “spontaneous” outpouring of letters urging us to rethink our decision of just a few months ago to not take on a greater tax burden to build Elysian fields for our “underpriviliged and under-served” youth?

Do the people supporting this latest assault on family budgets really believe that their desires for verdant and modern facilities for their organically nourished and pampered offspring somehow transcend the harsh financial realities facing many of our homeowners?

Do they have any inkling of the swelling resentment of the working and retired owners of homes toward those who relentlessly demand more, more, more while giving back less and less?

Who gave the school board the right to disregard the wishes of the people who elected them?

Is a requirement for being a public school administrator a character which believes himself to know better what his community has to do than the people themselves?

Vote no against the arrogant demands made by the school board to pay for projects we have already turned down, and defeat the referendum on April 2.


Jerome Mullins

Fergus Falls


  • Jake Krohn

    Sure, question the appropriateness of bringing this bond referendum to a vote four months after the last one was defeated, but let’s be realistic about what you characterize as an “assault on family budgets.”

    The median home price in Fergus Falls is, according to the U.S. Census, $116.000. If this bond were passed, it would cost our median homeowner somewhere around $20 a year, or less than $2 a month. The rate is even less for lower-valued homes.

    Polemics are not always the best way to win a battle.

    • J Mullins

      Mr. Krohn,
      Nice try, but a person of your knowledge certainly knows that the incremental consequence of say an additional $30 per year here, $60 per year there, couple hundred over there, and you soon have several hundred additional dollars of tax burden on homeowners..And an expanding perpetuation of growth in government spending. And, people are fed up with insatiable demands for more and more governmental programs and facilities and the increasing burden of expanding numbers of public. employees to staff the programs and maintain the facilities.
      What is wrong with polemics? Polemics is defined as the practice of disputation, in other words, disagreeing. Do you therefore assert that nobody should dispute or disagree with attempts to take more of their money from them? If so, welcome to 0bamaWorld.

      • Jake Krohn

        My bad. Perhaps “hysterics” might bave been a better word.

      • Jake Krohn

        My bad. Perhaps “hysterics” might have been a better word.

        • J Mullins

          Hysterics; a fit of uncontrollable laughter or crying.
          I was neither laughing nor crying when I wrote this letter to the editor, only dissapointed that people whom we elected to positions of trust on the school board would betray our trust with this referendum.

          Now, hysteria (a nervous disorder marked especially by defective emotional control) seems to be what you are attempting to use to label me and others who exercise our right to have opinions contrary to your own.

          May I conclude then that the “Krone Doctrine” is a condition in which one labels as emotionally defective anybody who disagrees with the labeler’s beliefs?

          Words do have meanings and consequences.

          • Richard Olson

            “Words do have meanings and consequences.” Alright who are you and what have you done with the real Jerome Mullins?

  • J Mullins

    I would ask the same question of you. It is seldom that we seem to both be on the same side of an issue.

    • Elliot Dallavalle

      Jerome – Were you the guy that came to my door recently, appeared somewhat disoriented, selling bibles and a self-published yet somewhat crude dictionary? I was the one that gave you the change from my change can, a jar of home canned peaches, and the book “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” By Al Frankin. You still struggling?

      • Richard Olson

        Did he smell like rat poison and have a Dolly Parton tattoo on his left cheek (you know)? It may have been Merle Hexum. If he cast a spell on your cat and called it Beelzebub it was Merle for sure.

      • J Mullins

        You have mistaken me for Marx Dayton, alias Elliot. He was trying to sell his Dayton Theorem: “Tax them out of their socks and call them all racists, sexists, homophoboc Bible thumping gun maniacs.” You should have invited him in for some of your zowie brownies.

        Dayton was last seen glaring off into space near the lampost his dogs were watering, maybe from the deliterious canned peaches you gave him. He kept mumbling “0bamacare, 0bamacare, gotta get me some of that 0bamacare.” Heard he intends to run for a seat on the Fergus Falls school board when the pressures of wrecking Minnesota become too much for him.

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