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Native plantings a great idea for roundabout [UPDATED]

Published 10:23am Thursday, March 28, 2013 Updated 12:27pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

I write to endorse your suggestion for native prairie plantings in the Tower Road roundabout. I am a landscape artist and a new resident in Fergus Falls.

Not the least of my reasons for choosing “Fergus” is the surrounding prairie, and the nearby Learning Center: driving back and forth between Fergus Falls and Elbow Lake in the fall and winter as I chose a place to live was nearly all it took.

I hope that someone does take on your suggestion, and find a good solution for one of the most common requirements for good artistic composition — a strong vertical element aka a “center of interest.”

I am not that person as my landscapes are mostly “earth and sky.” Perhaps one good strong tree will do the trick?

Where is the roundabout? — Couldn’t find a logical section of Tower Road on my Chamber of Commerce map of the city.

Again my thanks for your editorial.


Maggie Meehan

Fergus Falls


  • KLJones

    It would be nice to see the city do some landscaping rather than put up some kind of statue as I think that would lead to distracted driving. Perhaps they could use the money they save to fix some of the streets in town.

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