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Regrowth on islands critical [UPDATED]

Published 10:24am Thursday, March 28, 2013 Updated 12:25pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

There are two islands on Lake Alice and one on Grotto Lake. These Islands were at one time in the not so distant past very beautiful and added greatly to the lakes in which they are placed.

For many years they have been overwhelmed by cormorants and egrets, etc. The droppings from these undesirable birds have killed all the trees and other plant life on these islands and they have done nothing for the quality of the water of these lakes either.

I had this thought for the City — Cut down all the trees on these Islands and add more wood if necessary and burn the islands this winter while the lakes are still frozen and equipment and or crew can get to them.

Then after the smoke has cleared, add loads of dirt and seed for grass and flowers, etc. and let them come back to life this spring, they will not have trees for the undesired birds to nest in and they will be green with life once again as they were when they started and not look like death in the water.

The birds are also in the process of attacking the trees on shore so this problem needs to be addressed before our inner city lakes become very unattractive.


Loren Rieken

Fergus Falls


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