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FF Council to address Vernon

Published 10:46am Friday, March 29, 2013

Fergus Falls hopes to take the first step toward a street project that could address some of the pothole concerns on Vernon Avenue at Monday’s city council meeting.

In order to address the pavement surface issues, the city is first looking at the underground utilities to make sure that work is well placed, according to city engineer Dan Edwards.

They hope to have a proposal from an engineering consultant for the meeting so it can be evaluated, Edwards said. The area they’re looking at is Vernon Avenue from Court Street to Arlington.

“This is the initial step to move any project forward to construction,” Edwards said.

One of the items they might look at is increasing the size of the pipes underground, Edwards said, because they’re concerned about the condition of the 6-inch cast iron pipes that are in place now. They should have a 10-inch water main running under Vernon Avenue, he said.

“Before we go ahead… we want to make sure the underground is in the right condition,” Edwards said at the Finance, Personnel and Development committee meeting Wednesday.

There are a lot of options in determining “how we might go about upgrading that 6-inch to a 10-inch,” Edwards said. That will be part of the proposal, to evaluate the options. They will look at what’s most economical and what kind of time frame one type of work would have on Vernon Avenue.

“They look at the whole thing as a project… to see what’s best combined for the city to do,” Edwards said.

Potential projects schedules would be part of the proposal to “help determine how much of the project gets done this year,” Edwards said.

  • Richard Olson

    Why on earth do we have city employees if every time they are called upon to do what they are paid for, they form some committee to call some consultant?
    This can’t be that difficult, surely 6 inch water mains have been upgraded to 10 inch water mains in the past. Just do what you did before, except do it at another location. Otherwise it’s like me moving to a new house and having to call a consultant to tell me how to mow my lawn because it’s a different lawn.
    But these guys will most likely have to call a consultant to determine if they need to call a consultant.

  • mightyrebels

    Why on earth 2 or 3 years ago when trey had vernon tore up they didn’t fix it then. opps what i’m i thinking it would make it right

  • mightyrebels

    opps!!! the word is they. i’m sorry i don’t work for the fergusfalls journal i’m not a vary good speller

  • klingetb

    While we are waiting for the council to make up there minds, it wouldn’t hurt to pour some gravel on the street to fill in some of the potholes.

  • J Mullins

    No doubt the gravel will come from between the ears of the planners and consultants and committee members. Or, are those rocks in there?

  • tbaarr

    hey news journal..why is there no reporting of the TAR SANDS oil spill that happened on the 28th of this month in parkers prairie…whats the matter…are you going to ignore how this train spill shows what a XL PIPELINE TYPE SPILL OF THE SAME TAR sand crap would be like..IT is now polluting our lakes in Ottertail county… this is exactly the kind of spill that would happen in nebraska..oh and do ignore the tar sands spill that recently happened NORTH OF LITTLE ROCK ark..that clearly shows how unsafe it is to transport that crap thru a pipeline…why are you not covering this ..daily journal

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