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Beginning anew unpredictable

Published 9:42am Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Updated 11:57am Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is another in a series of articles written by students who received scholarships in 2012 awarded through the Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars chapter. The purpose of these articles is to thank the community for its support of students and their higher education goals.


I once heard a saying that describes college. Good grades, a social life, or sleep; now pick two. After a semester and a half, in my view this saying has been a decent description of college life.

My first semester consisted of both the expected and unexpected. Moving in with a new roommate, learning a whole new campus, as well as living in a different town could be prepared for. However, learning from a collegiate curriculum and beginning anew in a social bubble were much more unpredictable and random. Since I was able to take college classes during my senior year through the PSEO program, I entered NDSU with 30 credits at the sophomore level.

My classes consisted of upper level calculus and differential equations, static and dynamic mechanics, chemistry and graphic design, as well as others. Making the jump from classes of 30 to anywhere between 100 and 400 students took some adjusting but classes went well.

Social life in college also takes some adjustment to get used to. Campus has plenty of opportunities to meet new people as well as build on previous relationships.

I varied my time in everything ranging from campus organizations like American Society of Civil Engineers to open gym and the weight room at the Wallman Wellness Center.

I also had a chance to get involved in an adult volleyball league through the City of Fargo, and meet multiple new people and start new friendships.

I have been very blessed with the success I’ve had in the past as well as the opportunities I’ve been given for the future.

I would like to thank my family for the foundation I’ve been given, and the countless individuals of coaches, teachers, directors, administrators, professors, and friends that have provided their support along the way.

I would like to especially thank the Dollars for Scholars and each individual in the community that supports and contributes to the program.

It is difficult for me to describe my gratitude towards the Anna Nelson family for their generous scholarship, as well as the support they have provided both my family members and myself.

It is because of people like the Nelson family and the qualities they share, that the brief saying I opened with earlier has its exceptions.


Matthew Suek is a 2012 graduate of Fergus Falls High School and was the recipient of the Anna Nelson Memorial Scholarship. He attends NDSU in Fargo. For more information on making a donation for scholarships, contact Fergus Falls Dollars for Scholars, 601 W Randolph Ave, Fergus Falls, Mn 56537.

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