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Magic upset Otters 79-78 in 2 OT [UPDATED]

Published 3:35pm Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Updated 5:55pm Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Otters are just waiting to get on the court here at Williams Arena. In the previous quarter final game, DeLaSalle defeated Chisago Lakes Area 73-49.

The Fergus Falls band is in full effect as the Fergus fans have come out in droves. The Fergus Falls boys team has a front row seat for the game sitting just behind our media seats.

Monticello is clanking most of their warm up shots, take that for what it is, but the Otters have a strong range as they prepare to get things underway.

The two teams leave the court and are prepared for a heavyweight, pardon the phrasing, battle in the state Class AAA playoffs.

The band starts to chant we want the Otters as they rally the Fergus Falls crowd. Monticello steps on the court first and here come the Otters. Wearing their all black uniforms with maroon trim, while the Magic are wearing white uniforms with red and black trim.

Sitting behind the Otters basket is the Fergus Falls boys basketball coaching staff led by former Otter girls coach Dave Rund. Rund led the Otters to their first ever state appearance in 2008.  Also, want to thank the Fergus Falls Daily Journal and the Minnesota State High School League for these amazing seats.

The game has yet to start as they announce the reserves and starters for each squad on the team.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

And the Otters win the tip, but turn the ball over to the Magic. The Magic hit a three and immediately come out in a full court press. Rasmusson looks to respond but misses. The Magic air ball the next shot and Anna Monke is able to dump the ball to Hannah Swenson for an easy bunny.

The Otters miss a Magic pass as it goes for another Monticello bucket. A miss by Bailey Strand, but the ball rolls out on a Magic player.  Monke feeds Swenson again and its an and one. Swenson misses the shot and its rebounded by the Magic. Swenson pulls down a miss by the Magic and catches another pass from Monke for a two to give the Otters their first lead 6-5.

The Magic are back on top with a quick bucket. If you would have checked into the last edition of the Daily Journal, writer Rian Bosse’s article on Swenson talked about her win or go home attitude. Monticello is working the high pick game to get mismatches against the Otters. Traiser is fouled as the Otters in bound. Strand misses a three pointer and the Magic come back down with an and one chance.  A make from the charity stripe puts the Otters down four.

The Magic are working a 3-2 zone. Rasmusson misses another deep three and gets called for a foul, sending Monticello to the line.  Fergus is missing several easy baskets in the early going. and Strand is called for another and one foul. An Otter turnover leads to another quick basket for the Magic as the Otters trail 16-6 at the 11 minute mark.

After an Otter timeout, Strand is called for a charge as the momentum is going the Magic’s way. The Otters are ale to respond with a stand of their own as Monticello is called for a charge. Swenson back in the game and drops in a easy two. Monke steps up the next time down court and hits a three. The momentum may have swung back in favor of the Otters as Monticello is called for a travel. Strand misses a three ball but the Otters recover and throw it off a Monticello player. Devonie Smith’s name is called after a huge three pointer as the Otters are now down two as Monticello coach Craig Geyen calls a timeout.

Monticello misses their time down the court as Swenson pulls a board.  Swenson throws a cross court pass to Strand, who buries a three to put the Otters back on top in a matter of a couple of minutes. Monticello drives the lane, but Swenson swats it away and it goes out of bounds. Strand gets into the block party as Monke saves the ball. The Otters don’t get frequent flyer miles during the game as they are called for traveling.

Monke blocks another shot by the Magic as Smith takes it coast to coast. The Magic woke a sleeping giant as the Otters are controlling the current situation. The ball gets stuck between the rim and the backboard and a jump ball is called, giving it two the Otters.

After a loose ball sails out of bounds on the Magic,  Swenson cashes in on the in bounds pass.  Magic miss, Traiser board. Another missed shot by the Otters, but still Fergus ball.  Monke is called for a walk after the in bound as the Magic come back up court.  The Magic score their first two points since the 11 minute mark as the game enters into five minutes left in the half.

The game just saw back and forth exchanges as the Otters only hold a 23-20 lead at the moment. Monticello is really working the backside pass in the game as the Otters are still looking for the best medicine to remedy the situation. After a Monke rebound, she puts it in for the Otters.

Monticello wayward pass allows Rasmusson to pick up an easy loose ball and get fouled on the insueing drive. After missing the first shot, Rasmusson hits the second.  Swenson rips the ball away for another rebound, but the Otters turn it over in the low post on their possession.

The Magic get fouled on their way down and hits both of the free throws. Smith is called for an off the ball foul as the Otters turn it over.  The Fergus girls are getting out worked underneath the rim as Monticello has had several second and third chance shots. The Magic get their walkin’ papers as the Otters retain possession.

Strand hits a trey, her second of the half. The Otters foul on the Magic’s next time down and gives Monticello a one and one bonus. After making the first, the Otters pull the rebound and hold the ball  with a minute to play. The Magic get a steal and hit a easy two point jumper.  Strand silences the Monticello crowd with another trey.  After a foul by the Magic, the Otters have the ball with 5 seconds left.  Strand throws up a nearly half court shot, but it misses as the Otters go into the break up 32-25.


HALF TIME STATS: FF: Swenson 10 points, Strand 9, Smith and Monke 5.

MONT: Grace Sawatzke 10, Gabby Laimer 9

The second half is about to get underway.

Monticello starts with the ball, but gets called for three in the key. The Otter defense is working a 2-3 zone and Swenson gets a easy bucket on the way back down. After a Magic air ball, Strand nabs it and dishes it to Monke for a lay up. Timout Monticello.

Monticello forces the ball down to Bailey Bechtold and Swenson fouls her sending her to the line. Two misses and a Swenson rebound get the Otters back on O. Monke tries to push it underneath, but misses. After a miss and quick board by Monke on the other end, a wayward pass gives it back to Monticello. Laimer is fould and makes one of two at the line.

Fergus is called for three in the key on their possession down. Ramusson stuffs a shot, but Laimer picks up the ball and breezes to the hoop for a layup. Strand nails her fourth three pointer, but Sawatzke responds with one of her own. Strand finds Monke under the rim for a two. Monke blocks Laimer but the ball once again goes to Monticello for an easy jay.

Strand finds Monke in a replication of same play and after a Magic miss the Otters come back down court with the ball. The Otters hold a 43-33 lead at the 13 minute mark. A turnover gives the ball back to the Magic.

Strand yanks down a rebound and takes it up court. Strand unstoppable from beyond the arc as she hits her fifth long ball and currently has 15 points.

Coach Geyen calls a timeout as the Magic talk it over. After the Magic take it up court, Kathryn Sawtell steals the ball and puts it in on a break away. The Magic come back with a shot of their own, but Traiser is able to drop in a two ball. Monticello walks on their possession down and the Otters now have a 15 point lead.

Traiser gets called for an over the back after a missed shot by Rasmusson and Monticello retains. Sawtell gets tagged with a foul down court and the Magic regain possession. Traiser is able to swipe at a pass and the Otters take it back down, but miss on a Monke three ball. Monticello looks to respond, but misses and Fergus is back down court.

Monke is called for an away from the ball foul and the Magic get it back. Sawtell is hit with another foul, sending Laimer to the line. Laimer makes one of two and the Otters are back down court. A miss by Monke sends it the other way and the Magic get a foul on Strand as she goes for a loose ball.

The Magic hit two shots on a bonus as the Otters are back up court. The Magic pick up their first foul of the half at the 8:45 mark. Rasmusson finds Monke for dish underneath, but Monticello’s Bechtold responds on the other end. Rasmusson replays it again, but this time to Swenson. Swenson is caught napping on the way back down as Bechtold gets another easy transition bucket.

Monke is found on the backside but is blocked. The Magic are able to hit a two and Otters’ coach Brad Strand calls a timeout. The score is currently 54-44 Otters.

Rasmusson gets the inbound and sets up the play. Monticello has been able to hold her to only 1 point in the game so far. Swenson get tagged with her fourth foul and off the ball as the Magic get it back. Swenson boards the ball as Rasmusson pushes it up court. Amanda Howe gets called for a position foul on Swenson as the Otters get the inbound. After a Monke miss, Swenson cleans up the garbage and puts it in. The Magic miss and the Otters are once again threatening on offense.

Sawatzke hits a deep three. Swenson is fouled on the Otters return and is at the line shooting two. She misses both shots and the Magic crowd is getting louder.Swenson fouls out as Laimer goes to the line for an and one attempt. Laimer makes the shot as Monticello is now within six.

Rasmusson brings the ball up court but misses. The Magic’s Kallie Gau is fouled and sent to the line. Gau misses the first and makes the second as Monticello is now pressing the Otters hard. The Magic steal the inbound and are looking to score again. Bechtold is fouled on a shot by Traiser and she picks up her fourth foul. Bechtold makes both shots as the Otters get it back. Once again a steal by the Magic but they can’t put it in as Rasmusson pulls the board.

3 and a half left to play and after a back and forth exchange the Otters move up court. Laimer gets called for a pushing foul on Monke and Fergus has the ball under the rim. Monke quick bucket and the Otters break their scoring drought. Monticello quickly responds and the Otters attempt to transition. Monke is fouled underneath and sends her to the line for two. Monke makes both shots. Monke back down court and bats away a Magic pass.

Smith gets called for a push sending Gau back to the line. Gau hits her first and follows with the second. Monke wide open for a two. Laimer hits a treay that toilet bowls in as the Magic are now within two. Timeout Magic.

Two minutes remaining in the game.

Otters bring it back up court, they will have to be selective with their shots here late in the game. Loose ball and the Magic have possession. Magic miss and Otter possession.

Minute remaining.

Smith misses a wide open bucket and the magic now have the ball. Ramusson fouls Sawatzke sending her to the line for two shots. Sawatzke hits the first as the Otters call a time out. 62-61 Fergus.

Sawatzke misses the second and the Otters back down court. Rasmusson is fouled sending her to the line for a one and one try. Rasmusson hits the first. Misses the second and Sawatzke hits the tying shot. The Otters move the ball up court with 2.7 seconds remaining in regulation.

Strand with a chance for a last second shot but it misses sending the game into overtime.

The Otters have struggled late in the game as their post presence of Swenson is sorely missed.

Jump ball to begin the Overtime. Otters win as smith pushes up court. Strand is fouled driving and will go to the line for a one and one attempt. Strand ice water in her veins hits both. Monticello misses their turn down. Strand misses a sneaky underneath shot and Monticello is fouled and sent to the line.

Laimer makes both and ties it back up. Rasmusson is fouled away from the ball and will go to the line for a one and one attempt. Rasmusson duplicates Strand to put the Otters back up two. Bechtold puts one in as it is knotted up again. Fergus looking a good shot as they continue to pass. Turnover and the Magic are back down court. Bechtold scores two and the Magic take the lead. Strand responds with a shot of her own and steal the next possession.

Otters playing stall ball and have run the clock to 10 seconds before Otters coach Strand calls a timeout. Game tied 69-69.

In bounded to Rasmusson. The Otters do not do anything with it and the game goes to DOUBLE OVERTIME!!!

Otters fans are stunned that it is taking the girls this long to finish off the Magic. Jump ball. Otters get it again. Monke turns the ball over and Letner is fouled and going to the line for two. Letner makes both shots as the Magic gain the advantage.

Strand responds with a two and Monticello is pushing the floor. Smith with a steal and the Otters have possession. Rasmusson blows by a defender and puts two in. Sawatzke is fouled in the lane and Sawtell is charged with her fourth foul. Sawatzke misses the first, but makes the second. Letner with a steal on Strand and a quick two. Magic back in front by one. Strand turns the ball over with a minute and a half left to play.

Geyen calls a timeout as the Magic look to setup a stall game.

Back to the action. 74-73 Monticello. Monke is tagged with a foul on Bechtold, sending her for a two point chance from the line. Bechtold makes the first. And the second. Otters down three. Foul called on Gau sending Strand to the line. Strand makes the first and the second.

Strand is forced to foul Laimer and she will shoot two. She misses the first and nails the second. A miss by Sawtell and Bechtold will go to the line to shoot two with 10 seconds left.

Bechtold makes the first. Strand calls timeout as the Otters currently trail 78-75.

Bechtold makes the second. Strand hits a three before the end of regulation, but the clock runs out and the Otters fall to the Magic 79-78.

  • MichaelJ


    Hardly an upset. The Magic were ranked fourth and the Otters seventh in the power rankings.

    It’s a bad deal for the Otters losing what amounts to a play-in game. They’re done. They get no chance at the consolation bracket, they weren’t on tv, and the game was not played at the championship venue. I think the MSHSL could make a few changes.

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