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‘March Madness’ grabs nation’s attention

Published 10:39am Thursday, March 21, 2013

It’s that time once again, when people gather round together to fillout brackets, argue importance of seeding and complain, once again, why college football does not run a similar playoff system.

NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, or March Madness to many of you, is in full swing as four play-in games were played over Tuesday and Wednesday evening, completing the field of 64 teams that will begin play at 11:15 a.m.

The tournament is sort of an anomaly in itself. Several non-basketball fans fill out brackets for the tournament for office, friend and family pools.

In a poll done by MSN, companies estimate that they lose $175 million of productivity in offices due to the first two days of the tournament as distracted workers keep a close eye on their brackets in hopes of winning the office pool.

This isn’t shocking to me. The NCAA tournament is like the Super Bowl, World Series and Daytona 500 all in one. What interests me is that the tournament length, nearly two and a half weeks, is able to hold people’s interest that long.

Here at the Daily Journal, we have decided to do an office pool. The best part about doing the brackets, in our spare time, is that it builds a sense of camaraderie around the office, creating a competitive and fun atmosphere.

Not to say that many of us are well versed in the world of college basketball. Many of us look at the seeding for the right answers, while others debate which mascot, the Hilltoppers or the Jayhawks, would win in a fight. This is the best part about the brackets, even if you do all the research in the world, someone who had filled out the bracket based on the colors of the teams playing will win your tournament pool.

Listed at the end of the article are the picks that our pool has chosen in the national championship game. After looking at our picks, you can see which picks seem like impossibilities, while others seem to be difference in opinion. Whoever comes out a winner, our staff is having a blast joking and arguing over the tournament.


National Championship Picks

Joel Myhre, Publisher — Louisville over Georgetown.

Connie Knapp, Audience Development Manager — Louisville over Michigan.

Debbie Irmen, Assistant Editor — Temple over Duke.

Zach Stich, Sports Editor — Indiana over Ohio St.

Rian Bosse, Reporter — Louisville over Ohio St.

Heather Rule, Reporter — Ohio St. over Miami.

Deanna Klein, Advertising Consultant — Indiana over Florida.

Seth Johnson, Advertising Consultant — North Carolina over Duke.

Jim Sturgeon, Advertising Consultant — Kansas over Miami.

Mary Sieling, Advertising Consultant — Memphis over Kansas.

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