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Opportunity Minn. a win-win for students and state

Published 9:22am Friday, March 15, 2013 Updated 11:24am Friday, March 15, 2013

Everyone knows the classic image of the broke college student.

A strikingly clear picture of Ramen Noodles, sweats, and zero sleep. It’s become somewhat of a joke how expensive tuition is.

But for those living that reality, it’s much less humorous from the inside. While each student’s personal debt story is different, many of us are in over our heads.

For us to make money, we have to spend copious amounts just to educate ourselves. An option that’s simply not viable for many.

For me, Fergus’ community was very supportive and scholarships have been immensely helpful. However, my scholarships don’t cover everything and as a freshman at the University of Minnesota, I’m looking at student debt in the five digits. That’s an incredibly intimidating amount to be going up against, especially with no guarantee of a job after graduation.

So when I heard about a piece of legislation that could help me and others in similar situations, I was immediately interested. Opportunity Minnesota is currently a bill that would help students and Minnesota.

Essentially, students who attend a Minnesota college, pay their loans on time, and work in Minnesota, would be reimbursed the amount paid for their loans via a tax credit. Minnesota would gain an influx of students, have a more educated populace, and we’d be keeping our younger generation in-state.

This would both keep and create Minnesota jobs. Not to mention the massive reduction of financial stress for students like me who were already planning on staying in Minnesota and now have a feasible tactic to reduce our out-of-pocket college expenses.

While the poor Ramen-eating college student may not be a thing of the past yet, with Opportunity Minnesota, we have an avenue to support our students and our state.


Megan Fritz

Fergus Falls


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