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President Obama’s private army would be totalitarian

Published 9:32am Friday, March 1, 2013 Updated 11:41am Friday, March 1, 2013

On July 2, 2008 Obama delivered a speech in Boulder, Colo., in which he promised the creation and establishment of a “Civilian National Security Force.”

He further promised would be “just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the U.S. Military.” He said, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.”

There is a 1925 precedence for such a force when Hitler formed his own bodyguard called the Schutzstaffel (SS), The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit into a military organization that was despised by the regular German army.

The armed SS (Waffen-SS) grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions during World War II. It was directly responsible for the Malmedy massacre in which 80 American prisoners of war were executed on Dec. 17, 1944, by the Peiper brigade of the 1st SS Panzer Division during the Battle of the Bulge.

The national security objectives described by Obama define a brutal totalitarian government modeled after the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Achieving his objectives is currently being initiated using the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act that he signed into law on Jan. 2 that allows the arrest and indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens. In addition, Obama now secretly targets U.S. citizens for execution without even charging them with a crime. We all have become targets now.

The final step prior to completing his objective will be to disarm us by confiscating our firearms either at the state level as proposed by New York and California or nationally with the convenient help of the United Nations.

The UN will create an international gun registry setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation in the United States. Obama will then use his private army to eliminate disarmed dissidents such as the Sportsmen, veterans, Tea Party, and the religious right in a series of Waco-style military assaults. Will Obamas new flag include the hammer and sickle replacing the 50 stars?


Robert A. Dahlquist

Orange, Calif.


  • Walt Henry

    What would Elmer Fudd say “You thilly rabbit”?
    “There is no challenge greater than the defense of our nation and our values. The men and women of our military – from Fort Carson to Peterson Air Force base, from the Air Force Academy to the ROTC students here on campus – have signed up at a time when our troops face an ever-increasing load……But we need to ease the burden on our troops, while meeting the challenges of the 21st century. That’s why I will call on a new generation of Americans to join our military, and complete the effort to increase our ground forces by 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines.”

    Sounds to me like some radical right wing conservative Republican is making stuff up and the Journal is printing his fantasies.

  • Richard Olson

    This is just another chain email from the knuckle draggers and birthers who can’t read and live to spread rumors, doom and gloom.
    If any think I’m wrong just highlight the first few sentences of the article, then copy and paste them to your browser.
    In the mean time, I’m counting down the minutes until Merle comes here and praises the letter for it’s truth.

  • J Mullins

    Martin Luther King Jr. once said that the reason that Hitler got away with his murderous regime was because after Hitler took control of the German nation and government, his puppet government passed laws which made everything Hitler did LEGAL. When the Supreme Ruler for Life 0bama finishes his campaign of lies and hatred and gets his way, everything he does will also be legal. History repeating itself.

    • Richard Olson

      Did you miss your meds again Jerome?

  • Dan

    Where does people come up with this garbage.

    • Richard Olson

      Well Danny, this particular piece of garbage was originally written by a knuckle dragger named J.D. Longstreet and then spread like any other virus by organizations like “Canada Free Press”, the “Dailypaul”, “beforeitsnews” and “therightreasons”. Eventually some dupe like Robert A. Dahlquist reads it and decides it is his obligation to spread the rumor further in the hopes of finding more easily duped suckers here in Fergus Falls.

    • Walt Henry

      Dan, let me answer your question this way. Do you see in the lines from the speech, “we need to ease the burden on our troops”. Conservatives begin with the belief that Obama is not an American. That being their belief, he can not be talking about OUR troops, the American fighting forces, he must be talking about HIS troops, the things of right wing conservative conspiracy theories.
      We often dismiss this thinking as the stuff of a few fringe kooks and crazies, the letter writer and a few outlandish supporters, but the reality is conservatives need the votes of these people for true conservatives, the Buckley ones, are as much of a minority as their liberal counterparts. The unfortunate consequence of not having the courage to condemn their crazy comments is that ALL conservatives then get covered in the camouflage of craziness for we can’t really tell one from the other.

  • crucified

    Kim Jung Un

    Kim Jung Un had NO military experience whatsoever
    before Daddy made him a four-star general.
    This snot-nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership.
    He hadn’t even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon. So he is made the “Beloved Leader” Of North Korea.


    Oh rats!

    I’m sorry.

    I just remembered that we did the same thing.

    We took an arrogant community organizer, who had never worn a uniform, and made him Commander-in-Chief.

    A guy, who had never had a real job, worked on a budget,
    or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration and we made him “Beloved Leader” of the United States TWICE !!!

    I’m sorry I brought this up.

    Never mind.

    • Richard Olson

      Merle Hexum, doubling down on dumb!

    • Walt Henry

      Merle, are you just agreeing with the kook who wrote the Letter to the Editor, or ARE you a kook? Then again maybe you are just talking about something completely off topic-you’re not suggesting a president should be appointed or elected by a minority of voters are you?

  • crucified

    Since I know not whether the community organizer and campaigner in chief had actually said what was written, I can neither agree nor disagree. The indictment is more against the ignorant electorate that voted for him, than it is against Obama. I feel sorry for him; growing up without a father figure in his life, being shuffled all over the world, being deserted by both his father and his mother, and being exposed to radical anti-American elements in his youth. While many fatherless boys who live in the hood turn to the streets or join gangs, Obama turned to radicals who taught him anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-semetic, and anti-Christ ideologies.

    skip to main | skip to sidebar

    Barack Hussein Obama Sr. – Barack’s father was an African socialist. While he was not with his son for much of Barack Jr.’s childhood, they did keep in touch through routine correspondence according to the memoir, Dreams From My Father.

    Stanley Ann Dunham – Barack’s mother was a 60′s liberal feminist and an atheist – all the makings of a rebellious, 60′s-era, left-wing radical.

    Frank Marshall Davis – “Frank,” as Barack Obama refers to him in his book, Dreams From My Father, was a member of the Communist Party (USA). He was also a former community organizer in Chicago.

    Saul Alinsky – an avid and open socialist and the king of social activism, commonly called the “father of community organizing.” He created many organizations that relied on street agitation tactics, such as the Industrial Areas Foundation, which trained Obama in organizing tactics.

    John L. McKnight –
    Father Michael Pfleger –
    William Ayers –

    Bernardine Dohrn –
    Mike Klonsky –
    Marilyn Katz –
    Carl Davidson –
    Bill Fletcher –
    Linda Darling-Hammond –
    Laurence Tribe –

    Charles Ogletree –
    Cornel West –

    Alice Palmer –
    Antoin “Tony” Rezko –
    Rashid Khalidi –
    Robert Malley –

    Other Supporters of Obama and/or His Policies

    Hugo Chavez – Venezuelan dictator
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – President of Iran
    Fidel Castro – Cuban dictator
    Party of European Socialists
    Louis Farrakhan – Supreme Minister, Nation of Islam
    Democratic Socialists of America
    Communist Party USA (CPUSA)
    Frank Chapman – Member of U.S. Peace Council Executive Committee (an FBI-identified communist front group)
    Mark Solomon – National co-chair, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
    Joel Wendland – Managing editor of CPUSA online magazine Political Affairs: Marxist Thought Online
    Pepe Lozano – Leader in the Chicago Youth Communist League and editorial board member of CPUSA newspaper, People’s World Weekly

    These are not just associations. All of these connections are family members, close friends and “mentors,” and affiliations/organizations that Obama willingly participated with and in – and financially supported. If Barack doesn’t know about their past and their political ideologies, then he is oblivious to his surroundings and does not belong in the White House as the leader of our country. If he knew about these things but didn’t think they mattered, then he is beyond naïve and does not belong in the White House. If he knew about these things and openly welcomed it, then he’s just downright dangerous and does not belong on a local school board, let alone in the White House.

    All of these incestuous relationships directly place Barack Obama deep inside the socialist/communist movements in Chicago. His plans and policies are radical and his associations and partners are mostly on the very far left of politics. Socialism and communism are not – and shouldn’t be – acceptable philosophies in this country, especially from a president. This isn’t simply a matter of “guilt by association.” These relationships are long-lasting and ingrained into Barack’s political philosophy and ideology. There’s a reason why he will do anything and everything it takes to ignore, deny, or denounce every one of these associations as they are brought to the public’s attention.

    Is this guilt by association? Not at all. These associations demonstrate a pattern of relationships with leftist radicals, criminally corrupt developers, and racially divisive activists. These relationships are not a matter of happenstance either. Barack sought out these groups from his early days. He did not grow up in Chicago – he chose to live there. His associations are a direct result of his decision-making and his chosen path to political power. He willingly participated in socialist-minded groups and worked with radicals and unrepentant criminals. He is beyond dangerous to this republic of ours and his policies are beyond destructive.

    • Richard Olson

      I used to wonder where the Westboro Baptist church found it’s hate filled members. I no longer wonder.

    • Jake Krohn

      Merle Hexum: Otter Tail County’s copy-and-paste king. “Dittohead” was never so aptly applied.

  • Walt Henry

    There are two huge threats to America–we don’t read; maybe it is we don’t read a variety of things, and some of us can’t understand the true beauty and strength of what “America” really is. The writer of the letter to the editor above says candidate Obama called for people to join his private army. The link I posted to the Denver newspaper contains the entire text of candidate Obama’s speech which they published the day after it was given. The letter writer’s premise is wrong for he has added words never spoken on that day by candidate Obama. It is a simple thing to read the speech for yourself; but some are too busy to expand their experiences and conquer their fears by reading a wide variety of opinions from a wide variety of sources; yes, even kooky ones.
    The “America” founded by our forefathers was not one of creating some sort of super race where all people were the same but a land unlike the rest of the world where personal liberties were merged with personal responsibilities in union and harmony with those of others. We were never intended to be some sort of “Aryan” nation where all were the same but a nation where all are free to be equal and different.
    Scary stuff this “American” vision. But remember how many times in the writings of our founding fathers they referred to a divine providence that would protect them in their new endeavors. It was not the god of the Catholics or the Lutherans to which they referred, or the god of the Jews or the Muslims or the Christians or the Buddhists; even in religion, especially in religion, this great experiment we know (or should know) as America it was the power of the Devine by what ever name or experience it was known that they acknowledged and asked for help. Our founding fathers never intended for us to become a body of all toes or one of all fingers but one of fingers and toes; different but all working together for the common good.
    This from candidate Obama’s speech of 7/2/2008. Notice how similar it sounds to what President Obama is saying these days:”Instead of a call to service, we were asked to go shopping. Instead of a call for shared sacrifice, we gave tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans in a time of war for the very first time in our history.” Again from the article in the Denver Post. Take the time to read it.

    (Let’s not forget Jesus learned a lot about life from Jews.)

  • Walt Henry

    Little known fact–There are about 1200 pages in the type of Bible one might carry to Sunday Services–the FBI file on Dr. Martin Luther King had over 16,6000 pages. Which was more important?

  • Dan

    Merle, you must be off your medication or something. As for him serving as commander in chief I believe he is a hell better the Bush and Cheney.

  • BillSchulz

    Slogan of the United States Marine Corps – “Semper Fidelis” or “Always Faithful”.

    Gospel of the athiestic , anti-american, baby butchering,marxist/socialist Democrat party in America (and Larry/Walt, Curly Richard /Acker/Chipmunk, Moe Phaedrus, and low informed followers) – “HEAL” which stands for the principal Democrat theology:
    and those words inform and guide and rule the 0bamulans in their slavish obedience to the Supreme Leader for Life and Caliph of the Universe.

    • Walt Henry

      Now we have Bill making stuff up. Thilly rabbit!

    • Phaedrus

      If you need a practical example of what Bill is talking about, you don’t need to look any further than his own post.

      Hate – “baby butchering”
      Envy – “United States Marine Corps – “Semper Fidelis”
      Anger – “low informed followers”
      Lies – “those words inform and guide and rule the 0bamulans”

      Is there a term to describe a hypocrite who doesn’t recognize their own hypocrisy? Is Bill suggesting that all U.S Marines are democrats? What criteria do we use to distinguish “slavish obedience” from “always faithful”? Do we describe honoring a wedding vow as “slavish obedience” or “always faithful”?

      What’s even more puzzling is the we have a person who seems to be completely comfortable distinguishing “republicans” from “republicans in name only” (RINO) based on whether or not the individual was “slavishly obedient” to some ideology. So it seems to be the case that “in Bill’s world” slavish obedience is both good and bad – but finding contradictory statements in Bill’s posts is like shooting fish in a barrel, it’s not much of a challenge. IF you ever reach a level of minimal rationality you should try it again Bill.

      • BillSchulz

        Typical of your Marxist training to falsify and attribute to others your own purid ideology, alias Phaedrus.
        Nowhere do I mention the USMC as belonging to any specific party, although I have known many of them, and can’t remember one who supports your anti-American socialism , and I can’t remember a Marine who supports your Marxist Supreme Ruler for Life, Caliph 0bama.You, who are a black belt holder in misinformation and twisting words into what they are not intended to mean, would of course turn my example of comparing and contrasting loyal American Marines to your hate-filled Marxist Democrat party. I will take the Marines over any of the anti-American members of the regime of the Caliph 0bama.

        I doubt that you have fooled any Marines or other service members or vets into believing that being faithful to the United States means “slavish obedience”, though you amply demonstrate the anti-American military screed of your America hating marxist ideologues. Don’t you just hate that we have a military which will defend our country, and armed patriots who will augment our brave service members to defend us from ideologies such as your own?

        And, how revealing that you equate marriage vows with “slavish obedience”. Apparently you not only hate our military, but you abhor the institution of marriage as well. But then, your handbook of radical Marxism instructs you to break down and conquer a nation of people who do not bow at the altar of Marx, and to do so by breaking down and dividing families through debasing and trivializing the marriage bond which forms the basic unit of any society or culture – the family.

        As to hating the Democrat supported practice of butchering innocent and defenseless babies to slake your blood lust and fill your Democrat campaign coffers with the extorted monetary tributes from the abortionists’ profits – you better know I detest, abhor, hate that evil practice . If you want to defend the crushing of babies skulls to win converts to your Marxist cause, have at it. But do not expect God fearing people to sit idly by or silently acquiesce.

        • Phaedrus

          Hop off that tangent before you run it to death, Bill. Take a breath and then go back and read my post. You’ll notice that the comments didn’t end with periods “.” but with a different mark, “?” Those marks are used to indicate a question (which you seem to be intent on not answering). Asking questions is what people do when they think you’ve been unclear, or they’re not quite sure what you’re saying.

          So you need to focus. I didn’t ask you to tell me what I think (that’s an impossible question because there is no way for you to know what I think – unless you’re claiming some “magical power” – and that’s just silly. You don’t get to tell me what I think).

          It seemed plausible to me that a jaded individual (and your comments strike me as jaded) might equate the two phrases “slavish obedience” and “always faithful” in a situation where someone “wanted out” of a marriage but “felt trapped” by their vows (not wanting to break their word). Of course, if you’d bothered to answer the question, we’d already know the connotations that we should associate with your phrases. Or, you could have said, “I don’t see them as closely related because I have a positive connotation with “always faithful” and a negative connotation of “slavish obedience” and it’s based on the idea of choice. “Always faithful” means making a choice and sticking to it, whereas “slavish obedience” implies a lack of choice, something foisted upon you.” That would have seemed like a reasonable answer to me (although I don’t claim to speak for anyone else or know what they think).

          But you can’t do that, can you (especially if we use the term in its original context)? Because that would imply that you think that a majority of the people didn’t have a choice that they couldn’t have voted for Romney because of some kind of “spell” or something (they were just ignorant of “all the facts” that you’d be willing to present)? On the other hand, I guess that “fits the narrative” that conservatives are “slavishly obedient” to, but it’s just silly. But you’ve got some brass ones Bill, calling other people hate-filled and angry? That’s funny!

    • Richard Olson

      Hey Wild Bill,

      While you’re searching for your flustered response to Phaedrus Wolf, you might tell us what your scatterbrained comment has to do with the misinformed opinion of the original author. Or if you’re so inclined (pun intended) perhaps you could tell all of us how your predictions for a republican landslide turned out. After all, many if not all of us haven’t seen hide nor shoe of you since last November when you were riding that crest of public repudiation and rejection of all things Obama!

  • Richard Olson

    Hey Wild Bill,

    While you’re searching for your flustered response to Phaedrus Wolf, you might tell us what your scatterbrained comment has to do with the misinformed opinion of the original author. Or if you’re so inclined (pun intended) perhaps you could tell all of us how your predictions for a republican landslide turned out. After all, many if not all of us haven’t seen hide nor shoe of you since last November when you were riding that crest of public repudiation and rejection of all things Obama!

    • BillSchulz

      As Moe Phaedrus is fond of preaching to us, repeating something wrong or stupid doesn’t make it better, just repetitive, Curly.

      Or did you feel that your comment was so spectacular that you needed to repeat it within a minute of first saying it?

      • Richard Olson

        As a matter of fact stinky feet, my first comment got caught in the filter so I tried posting it again. It still didn’t work until the editor released it from the filter. But thanks for asking. Don’t feel like talking about your predictions yet? Too soon? Too bad.

        • holly

          Richardmunk – you call Bill “stinky feet” here and on your blog as well. In fact, there is a LOT of overlap between what you post here as Richard Olson and what you post on your pathetic excuse for a blog. And that is not my imagination.

          • Richard Olson

            Well stalker Holly, I’ve never accused you of having an “imagination”, quite the opposite. I’ve always thought you lacked originality and were doubtless unimaginative, boring and tedious. Of course I can only base my opinion on what you write here, in person you may be simply dreary and insipid.
            As for calling Bill Schulz names, I return what I get. Stinky feet started all the name calling on these pages when he stumbled linguistically and failed to formulate an argument. When stinky feet stops calling me names, I’ll return the favor.

            Lastly Hollystalker, you apparently spend a lot of your time at that pathetic excuse for a blog. Are you lonely, rejected? Perhaps if you had a job or a hobby…..Hey then we could call you Holly Hobby, the stalker. Hey how about “ChristianMingle” I bet god could find you a match. Give god a week or two and see what turns up.

          • camobabe

            Holly, are you referring to Chipmunk’s site? Or has Acker/Richard/Curly chipmunk got another site where we may watch him wage his never ending fight against his mental health?

          • Richard Olson

            Hey Ginny, I’m sure it’s the same one you, stinky feet and Holly Hobbie watch everyday as part of your citizen patrols of everything not in the bible. And I bet chipmunk appreciates the free plug.

          • holly

            That would be the site, Camilla. The left wingnut, atheistic, hate-filled, hypocrisy-laden, slime-filled site. Richard uses the exact same writing style as Chip. Same exact issues, same politics, to a T. Same attacks on the same people using the exact same phrases. All the same, always the same. Why? Pretty obvious. And the only reason he denies it is because he was kicked off of this site (and the Fergus Forum) as Chip, and as Acker, and before too long, as Richard.

          • Richard Olson

            There is a name for that kind of reasoning Holly, but I can’t say what it is here. But using your own reasoning it is apparent that Camilla Ryan, Bill Schulz and Jerome Mullins are the very same person. They all have the same writing styles with little if any imagination (just repeat the words over and over Marxist, Supreme leader for life, Caliph, Freedom, Tyranny, Liberty, Communist and of course guns) with the same right wing-nut bible thumping hypocrisy-laden, same issues with the same attacks on the same people, myself, Larry, Phaedrus and Obama. So if I get a thought from Chipmunks site or another liberal site and make a comment here using some of the same language…..I must, by holly’s reasoning be that person.

            Well Holly, I’ve copied and pasted words from the bible here before, I guess that makes me God…kneel before me.

          • holly

            YAWN …

            More of the same – the sarcastic and condescending superiority complex that you have just oozes out constantly as you push your usual line of hate, hypocrisy and religious bigrotry. You clearly don’t embrace that standard liberal tripe about tolerance, as you hate on everything and everyone who is different than you. Keep up the good work Chipmunk/Acker/Richard. You must be an absolute joy to live with. My sincere sympathies to your wife.

  • Richard Olson

    The subject of this article is/was Obama’s private army. Initially comments made by myself, Larry and Danny are made in response to the authors letter.

    Then someone left the door open and the internet trolls oiled their way inside. The first is Jerome who wants to hijack the thread to make a conspiratorial link between Hitler and Obama. Then Merle Hexum wonders in with his usual conspiracy issues comparing the North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un to President Obama. Not content with smearing Obama the first time he re-groups then come back to slam Obama’s mother, father, and virtually everyone Obama met growing up and he even throws in a few foreign dictators just in case we missed Merles point. (which is, if Merle wasn’t such a good Christian he could get really nasty)

    Then William Schulz the statesman of Wall-marts parking lot weighs in to slam everyone and compare Obama with baby killers and his usual mix of un-American slurs against anyone not on his Christmas list.

    The internet trolls have one thing in common besides their conspiracy theory’s about President Obama. That is that not one of them has a single word to contribute to the subject of the article. Their only purpose for being here to shout their frustrations over their humongous loss last November and the November four years before that. And generally rag on Obama and blame him for everything since Noah’s flood.

    Then when the serious posters respond to the trolls the trolls posse of groupies come running to defend their troll leaders by attacking the serious posters, with their only method of attack. “You must be somebody else, because you sound like somebody else because you used the same words as somebody else.

    Put more succinctly….everything was fine, on point, adult like and reasonable until the trolls arrived. Which is what’s wrong with the entire internet where people can use fictitious names and make outlandish comments without disadvantage.

    • camobabe

      Just like you and Phaedrus and Larry hide behind phony identities, Curly/Acker/Richard/Chipmunk/Barack ?

      • Phaedrus


        Is the concept embodied by the term “hypocrisy” completely foreign to you? However, if what you mean is that people should judge the content of the post based on its merits, rather than attempt to judge the person on the basis of some real (or imagined) associations, then we can agree on something. Truth isn’t a product of who said it, “who” said it (particularly in this setting) is irrelevant. If Charles Manson typed “2+2=4 in a base 10 number system,” it’s true regardless of what you think of him as a person.

        • camobabe

          Alias Phaedrus, are you trying to tell us that Richard/Acker/Curly/Chipmunk is actually Charles Manson? No wonder he seems to be so “Helter/Skelter” in his rantings. Are you actually Doctor Kervorkian?

          • Phaedrus

            No Camo-Toe, I’m obviously not saying that. While I know who Charles Manson is, I don’t know any of the other people you listed. I’m just pointing out that your molehill is a molehill, and that the reason you keep bringing it up is because you’re unable to respond to the content of the post.

            I’m also pointing out that you have different aliases (so you should be protesting yourself as well), and in response to your “coffee offer” my position remains unchanged – you’re not interesting or deep enough to merit my time. The only thing you’ve ever added to a conversation was a sense of hysteria and fallacious thought. Your brazen hypocrisy is stunning.

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