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Referendum too much for homeowners

Published 10:07am Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Updated 12:09pm Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The action by the school board to re-run a referendum for lavish sports facilities deserves to be rejected on several grounds.

First, we voted on and rejected this only four months ago. Are the board members so obtuse that they won’t read the election results and abide with the will of the people?

Secondly, as usual the school administration wants us to pay for projects of a champagne and caviar level of spending, when those paying the tab can barely afford even a basket of ribs and a draft beer. Scale back your demands of the homeowners for Pete’s sake.

Also, setting the election date for early April seems to be a cynical effort to shut out those residents who have lived and worked here for their lifetimes, and can finally afford to get away from our winters for a few weeks or months in warmer climates.

Many people are like this, including my uncle and aunt. They rent their overtaxed house to our family, and live in the former mother-in-law apartment for eight months a year, and in Texas or Arizona during the harshest months of winter.

They are blocked from voting in this issue unless they return before the winter has turned to spring. And now the school board will try to impose the harshest penalty of this winter on them with this sneak attack referendum.

Vote down this arrogant imposition of higher taxes and spending by the school board and the superintendent, and sharpen your pencils to vote them out of office next time around.


Mandy Peterson

Fergus Falls

  • holly

    “They are blocked from voting in this issue unless they return before the winter has turned to spring.”

    Not true – absentee ballots are available.

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