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Results from Knowledge Bowl Sub-Region Meet [UPDATED]

Published 9:07am Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Updated 11:09am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forty-four high school teams competed in the small school division of the sub-region Knowledge Bowl meet at M-State on Tuesday, March 12.

Three teams from Hillcrest Lutheran Academy ranked first with 101 points, third with 80.5 points, and twentieth with 59 points.

The six top-ranking teams advance to the Region 4 meet held Tuesday.

The first place Hazel team from Hillcrest consists of Chris Bigelow, Chad Hermes, Jared Kugler, Jordan Konynenbelt, and Jaron Olsoe.

Competing on the HLA Huckleberry team for third place were Brandon Doering, Rena Fedorova, Kris Lein, Tony Preston, and Quincy Undseth.

The HLA Hunter team includes Nathan Doering, Johathan Eckhardt, Luke Jennen, Kevy Konynenbelt, Vanessa Konynenbelt, and Amy Zimmerman.

Advancing to the Region 4 meet along with the first and third place teams from Hillcrest are Park Christian from Moorhead in second place and teams from Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley, Underwood, and Brandon-Evansville which rounded out fourth through sixth places. The meets are coordinated by Lakes Country Service Cooperative.

From the region meet, two large school and two small school teams win the right to go on to the State KB Meet in April.

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