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The real reason they want gun control [UPDATED]

Published 6:18am Monday, March 4, 2013 Updated 8:21am Monday, March 4, 2013

Cities with the most gun control have higher crime rates and the shootings in the news have been occurring in gun-free zones. Obviously, disarming citizens is not about safety or lowering crime.

Modern history shows the real reason for gun control. In Ukraine, the Marxist Communist Socialists first registered all guns, then confiscated them. Then they arrested all pastors, never to be seen again.

Then they confiscated all livestock and then seized all their food. By spring, all those who refused to move to the communist state farms starved to death, including 2 million children.

When the Marxist took over Russia in 1917, they slaughtered over 100,000 pastors.

Hitler’s National Socialists (Nazis) had gun control and killed several million dissenting Christians, not just Jews. Communists kill Christians.

They are still imprisoning and killing Christians in Communist China. In Iraq under Bush-Obama almost all Christians have fled or been killed. In Egypt, the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood has been killing Christians; and in Syria, the Obama supported so called freedom fighters have been beheading and killing Christians.

The President’s mentor in his youth was Frank Marshal Davis, a card carrying communist while still a senator, Obama personally campaigned in Kenya for his Marxist-Muslin Communist socialist cousin, Raile Odinga. When 0dinga lost the election, his supporters rioted, slaughtering and burning Christians in their churches; and as a concession to stop the violence, Obama’s cousin 0dinga was given a position in the Kenyon government.

Obamacare fully funds the murder of unborn defenseless children and creates death panels for “useless eaters” like Terry Schnova.

Beware, those with regard for life want their victims disarmed.


Robert Peterson


  • Richard Olson

    It’s like there’s a race to the stupid line. One day Robert Dahlquist is ahead, then he is overtaken by Merle Hexum who remains in first place until Robert Peterson of Barrett decides to embarrass himself by passing Merle on the right.

    It’s a race where facts and truth have no purchase, where each contestant assumes everyone listening is as ill-read, illiterate, uninformed and willfully stupid as the other entrants. Mr. Peterson is so inept he can not even make it through his very first sentence without spreading two lies. Spelling matters even less than facts, when you’re just throwing names out there why worry if you even have the right person let alone spell his/her name correctly. This self-promoting Christian is so distraught over the “fate” of Terri Schiavo before an imaginary “death panel” that he can not even take the time necessary to spell her name correctly. That make it look like he is just using Terri Schiavo as a pawn to whine about President Obama.

    Mr. Peterson’s grasp of accurate history would be comical if it weren’t so appallingly erroneous. Truthfully it’s as if he allowed his pet monkey to watch several Sarah Palin speeches, then let the monkey type the letter to the editor.

    Be that as it may, it won’t be long before some other rumor monger standing on the sidelines comes along with an “atta boy” for Robert Peterson.

    • roisamoron

      Unfortunately, you got there first.

      • Richard Olson

        So you agree with the letters author. Another “atta boy” from another coward who dares not use his/her real name.

        • roisamoron

          better than the atta-girls you get

  • Walt Henry

    Give me the names of the 60 US Senators and the 218 members of the US House of Representatives and the name of the President of the United States who is on record as having given any indication he/she wants to take away our guns. Give me the names and the districts they represent of the 68 members of the Minnesota House or the 34 members of the Minnesota Senate who have indicated they want to take away our guns. Without those names let’s call this letter to the editor what it is –the ranting of a fearful person. Chin up my man–this world is not so scary.

  • BrendanJanssen

    My favorite part about this gun-control debate is hearing the diatribe spewing from right-winged extremists who act as if Obama is taking away all their arms and munitions. But wait, there’s more! This writer has added a unique plot twist by implying that this will be a blow to Christianity.


    I feel embarrassed for people who make such misinformed accusations.


      Speaking of uninformed, DUH? CIGARS in the Whitehouse? Drunken Party not calling for help when girlfriend DROWNED! Chapaquitic? VP’S shotgun joke screw up? You must have A BLOOD SOAKED GLOVE over your eyes or your ears? Media still saying AK 47′s killed school children? YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID! “STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES!”

  • BillSchulz

    You guys get really uptight when something is published which exposes your Supreme Ruler for Life’s intentions to crush America, its constitution, its people, under his Marxist heel. Now, if you could just help him find a way to suspend the First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of the press, what a wonderful socialist utopia you could shove down the peoples’ throats.

    “Curses, Batman, they’re on to us!” whineth the socialists.

    • Richard Olson

      Well it took a day, there is the “atta boy” for Robert Peterson. There exposed to daylight is Bill Schulz’s public endorsement of lying about President Obama.

    • Walt Henry

      Bill, assuming you are right and Batman wants to take away our guns can you think of another person (make it a member of Congress this time) who also is on record for taking away our guns?

    • BrendanJanssen

      Nobody is trying to shove any socialistic agenda down anybodies throats. We are just trying to repress the vomit that keeps coming out.

      How can you honestly read this and say to yourself, “Oh, that makes perfect sense! Gun control = religious oppression!”???

      Right-winged extremists keep crying “DICTATORSHIP!!!” when it would make more sense (but not too much more sense) to call people who slander our President unpatriotic. It’s not like our President has his heart set out to destroy America, as certain groups of people imply, and it is almost sickening to read some of the “less-than-informed” insinuations spewing out of the extremists’ mouths.

  • Richard Olson

    President Obama the supreme ruler for life and caliph forever and ever and ever just slipped on a banana peel in his Socialist quest to destroy America. The Dow Jones average just closed at an all time record high.

    Or in Bill Schulz language…”man dat sho iz hi”

    • camobabe

      Curly, “man dat sho iz hi” , if it were uttered by a conservative, would have all of you race baiting radical leftists screaming , “Racist !!! Racist !!” But, since rules of speech and racialism only apply against whites and conservatives, I imagine your nasty statement will remain untouched.

      NOT one of your finest moments.

      • Richard Olson

        Somewhere I suspect there breathes a conservative with a sense of humor and in this case more importantly a working understanding of sarcasm. But it’s not Camilla Ginny Ryan. Do you see those first five words in the sentence you find so objectionable Ginny? I guess I’ll have to start writing for the advanced readers in the tea party, the third grade graduates.
        What I was hinting at was….wait for it Ginny…. That’s Bill stinky foot Schulz impersonating President Obama commenting on the Stock market. Get it? Of course you don’t. What was I thinking?

        • camobabe

          Get real, you sad excuse for a mendacious ideologue. You got caught in a slip into your natural state of feeling superiority over the racial minorities you and your liberal ilk hide behind, and I called you on it. Now, we are supposed to believe you when you give your version of, “Well, it depends on what the meaning of what is, is.”
          You stepped in it, I spotted it and called you on your hypocrisy, and now you try to tell us that you were just speaking as you (in your muddled radical mind) imagine how Bill would react to something. Sell that to the droolers on your Chipmunk blog.

          • Richard Olson

            You didn’t catch me at anything Ginny. You simply proved yourself incapable of grasping basic English

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