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Bond vote today

Published 10:55am Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fergus Falls resident Pamela Johnson signs in with election judge, Desta Hunt, at the Hillcrest Academy gym for today’s referendum. Polling places include the fire station (Ward 1), Armory (Ward 2), M State (Ward 3) and Hillcrest (Ward 4). Polls will be open until 8 p.m.

  • doctipster

    Lucky, had I been in town and remembered that the vote was today we could have had two more votes against this atrocity. Both My wife and I forgot that the bond was yesteday.

    In hindsight, The school really tried to do a number on sneaking this one in. Not only was it on a non election date, but then they switched polling places at the last minute to further confuse people. thank you taxpayers of FF residents, I sincerely applaud this effort to defeat the wasteful spending of our school district.



    At some point the FF school district will have to realize that this wasteful spending is no longer going to fly. You are right, the 33.5 Million dollar band aide, that ended up costing us far more, and the hockey arena have left horrible tastes in our mouth, we will not forget. And if the school keeps trying to push this down our throats with vote after vote after vote, they will find that the citizens will start voting NO for everything even when they ask for school bonds for educational purposes.


  • cyberdog

    Yet again, (twice) here is another Journal article that lets everyone within the city know exactly where to vote. Not one word is written that even acknowledges that the school district extends into the townships. Not one word about where people in the townships can vote.

    Recently four townships were combined to just one voting location. Most of these township residents knew nothing about the new obscure location or how to get there. Why didn’t the Journal disclose the location?

    The four townships cover an area of about 8 times the area of Fergus Falls and some township residents had to travel as much as a 30 mile round trip to vote – if they could find the polling location. – or knew where it was.

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