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Legalize Sunday liquor [UPDATED]

Published 9:23am Friday, April 19, 2013 Updated 11:28am Friday, April 19, 2013

It’s as predictable as champagne at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The Sunday liquor issue has surfaced again at the Minnesota Legislature.

And once again proposed legislation to legalize Sunday liquor sales looks like it’s already dead. But last week things got weirder when an attempt was made to resurrect Sunday liquor in a different form — just for Super Bowl Sunday.

It was almost as though the attempt was to get a dispensation, a divine order for an exception because this particular Sunday is nearly a religious experience.

We said it was weird. The idea of a one-day Sunday sale — no matter how mega — should be tossed out.

As stated here in the past, Sunday liquor sales should be legal. Every Sunday. An estimated 80 percent of Minnesotans agree with it. A grass-roots group called Minnesota Beer Activists gathered a 2,000-signature petition asking for Sunday sales.

Minnesota is one of only 12 states that don’t sell liquor on Sundays. It’s an outdated law, tied to Prohibition, that should be changed.

Once the law is changed, a lot of Minnesotans will raise their glasses in responsible, measured celebration.

— The Free Press of Mankato

  • holly
    • Walt Henry

      One, unsigned, appears to be the opinion of the Editorial staff of the Fergus Falls Journal; the other, the opinion of the editors of the Mankato Free Press. Different entities–different opinions.

  • walleye29

    It seems to me that the legislature would embrace any proposal to change this law. First, it is a law based on religious concerns. The use of liquor on Sunday should be an individual decision, not one cohersed by laws making drinking less convenient. Second, Sunday alcohol sales will bring much needed revenue to various government agencies throughout the state. And finally, alcohol is an important part of tourism. Why have laws that are counter-productive to enhancing tourism within the state. BTW, I am an extremely light drinker, maybe a beer a month, and I am a retired police administrator.

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