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Alternative uses could be found for Center [UPDATED]

Published 8:56am Friday, April 12, 2013 Updated 11:00am Friday, April 12, 2013

Every year at least a million (yes, a million) children are so abused and neglected in their homes; they have to leave.

The abuse, in many cases, is life threatening. The street, however can be even worse. These children become the victims of every sort of abominable street vice.

They need a secure place to find shelter. Foster homes are not the answer. California, alone has as many as 600,000 children needing foster care.

The Regional Treatment Center could be such a shelter.

It could also be a place for school drop-outs. Instead of turning the city streets into war zones, they could be housed in a secure place where they receive education and training to become employable.

Teen-age pregnant girls could be placed there to receive education and training. They should be kept there until they are employable and able to support themselves and their children. It’s ridiculous to reward promiscuity by allowing girls to quit school, be put up in apartments of their own, and receive a check for which they don’t have to get out of bed and go to work for.

This is one of the many sources of poverty in this country, and it’s mushrooming.

It could be a shelter for homeless street-adults. Many are there through no fault of their own. Many are even war veterans, what a shame. The Regional Treatment Center may not be perfect, but it’s better then under a bridge.


Irene Duenow

Fergus Falls

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